Intel tries to show ‘real Apple fans the power of PC’

Apple is still in the process of transitioning away from Intel-branded processors for products like the iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro. Ever since Apple kicked off that effort, Intel has been going out of its way to show off the "power of PC," because obviously that's where Intel's future lies. And now the company's back at it.

Do you live that dongle life?

Dongle. Dongles. It's one of those words that if you say it enough times, it starts to lose its meaning. And yet, for some companies looking to drum up a competitive spirit against Apple, those dongles are an important factor.

Video teaser demonstrates working Sileo app on macOS

Most people associate the Procursus bootstrap and Sileo package manager with the iOS 12-based Chimera jailbreak or the iOS & iPadOS 13-based Odyssey jailbreak, but that’s liable to change soon future as Odyssey Team member Hayden Seay teased almost a month ago that Procursus and Sileo would be coming to the Mac.

Wednesday evening, we got a first-hand glimpse of just how quickly the aforementioned project appears to be coming along.

Intel’s CEO leans into ‘competitive fun’ with Apple as the company balances marketing and future prospects

Last year, Apple began its transition away from Intel chips in its computers, opting to go with its own Apple silicon instead. Earlier this month, Intel launched a new ad campaign against Apple, trying to get people to stop paying attention to the successful M1 processor in its newest MacBook models, and instead keep folks interested in Intel chips.

Intel adds a website to its new ‘PC vs Mac’ ad campaign

A still from Intel's anti-Apple ad campaign featuring Mac vs. PC star Justin Long

In January of this year, Intel announced that its CEO at the time, Bob Swan, would be stepping down. The company was on shaky ground, for a variety of reasons, and a shakeup at the top was seen as a way to get things back on a right path. That probably hasn't happened quite yet, but that isn't stopping the company from leaning into some anti-Apple marketing.