Intel adds a website to its new ‘PC vs Mac’ ad campaign

A still from Intel's anti-Apple ad campaign featuring Mac vs. PC star Justin Long

In January of this year, Intel announced that its CEO at the time, Bob Swan, would be stepping down. The company was on shaky ground, for a variety of reasons, and a shakeup at the top was seen as a way to get things back on a right path. That probably hasn't happened quite yet, but that isn't stopping the company from leaning into some anti-Apple marketing.

How to determine whether your Mac computer is using an Intel processor or Apple silicon

A still from Apple ad showing the Apple M1 chip

Starting with certain models introduced in late 2020, Apple began the transition from Intel processors to its own desktop chips in Mac computers. That said, Intel-based Macs are going to be sold, supported and maintained for years to come. Legacy Macs (thankfully) don't have an Intel inside sticker and there's no way to distinguish these from Apple silicon Mac systems from the outside. In this tutorial, we're going to show you how to identify Apple silicon Macs.

Apple discontinues Intel-based MacBook Air, other models still available with Intel chips

With its new M1 laptop chip and related hardware updates to the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini, Apple has now stopped selling MacBook Air configurations with Intel processors in order to focus exclusively on the new models that are powered by the M1 chip. As for the Mac mini and MacBook Pro, some Intel-based configurations continue to be offered by Apple.