iPhone 4S

Apple airs new Siri TV ad with Martin Scorsese

Apparently the handful of class-action lawsuits haven't shaken Apple's marketing team. The company has just released a new television ad starring its often-criticized digital assistant.

The fourth in a string of celebrity spots, famed film director Martin Scorsese co-stars with Siri in this new iPhone 4S commercial set in what looks to be a New York City taxi cab...

Apple airs two new iPhone 4S ads starring John Malkovich

As noted by a number of other tech sites tonight, Apple has started airing two new iPhone 4S commercials featuring actor John Malkovich. You might recognize Malkovich from such films as Con Air, and Burn After Reading.

The two spots, both of which star the actor, are titled "Joke" and "Life" respectively. And like nearly all of Apple's iPhone 4S commercials before them, the new ads are all about Siri...

Apple’s new celebrity iPhone 4S ads are testing well with viewers

Last week, two new iPhone 4S commercials surfaced starring Samuel L. Jackson and Zooey Deschanel. And given the fact that Apple hasn't used celebrities in its TV spots in quite some time, there was some questions on who was behind the ads.

Well as it turns out, Apple was. And apparently it was a smart move. According to Ace Metrix, an advertising tracking firm, the celebrity iPhone 4S ads are generating higher scores with consumers than any other 4S ads aired this year...

The Samuel L. Jackson Siri ad you were hoping for (NSFW)

When word started to spread that Samuel L. Jackson was starring in a new iPhone 4S commercial, our imaginations ran wild. We figured that combining the outspoken actor with Siri could make for a humorous TV spot.

Obviously, Apple went the much more tame route. And the commercial that aired didn't feature any of Mr. Jackson's popular foul-mouthed catch phrases. That's ok. We found one that does (warning: explicit language)...

I’m sorry Mr. Jackson, but I like this Siri advertisement better

With all due respect for Samuel L. Jackson, I think we can agree that this latest commercial is a tad easier on the eyes.

That's because the star of said commercial is non other than New Girl leading lady, and hipster heartstring puller, Zooey Deschanel.

It's the second iPhone 4S/Siri ad uncovered today staring some of Hollywood's finest, but likely not the last...

Samuel L. Jackson stars in new iPhone 4S commercial

As noted by TheNextWeb, a new iPhone 4S commercial has surfaced starring the popular actor Mr. Samuel L. Jackson. The ad popped up this afternoon during an episode of ESPN's SportsCenter.

What's interesting here is that although the commercial seems to fall in line with previous Apple 4S ads — focus on Siri, production value — it appears that Verizon is behind the spot. Check it out...

Apple releases two new TV ads focused on Siri

With any new product launch, Apple is known for their creative television advertising for almost every one of their products. Apple has already released a slew of advertisements for the iPhone 4S and Siri, showing how handy the personal assistant really is.

Tonight, 9to5mac points us to two new TV ads being aired by Apple. The thirty second advertisements show off Siri, and are titled "Road Trip" and "Rock God"...

iPhone 4S Promo Tops List of 2011’s Most Viral Tech Videos

Viral videos have become a popular form of online advertising over the last few years. A company can potentially reach a large audience for minimal production costs if YouTube aficionados deem their videos interesting enough to spread the word.

And since no other company does advertising like Apple, it's no surprise that the iPhone-makers have found themselves on a list of the most viral tech videos of 2011. The year's most popular handset stars in one of the year's most popular tech clips.

Samsung’s Anti-Apple TV Ads Continue by Taking Cheap Shots at iCloud

Samsung has been on a warpath with its advertising team over the past few weeks. We've seen them air multiple commercials that blatantly take shots at iPhone users, and a full-blown Facebook anti-Apple campaign.

The company's latest TV ad to find its way to the air waves is called "Movies and Music." And once again it features a group of young adults waiting in line for the new iPhone, when a Galaxy S II catches their eyes...

New Samsung TV Ad Takes a Stab at iPhone Users

Apple and Samsung have been involved in quite the court battle over the last 6 months. Apple accused Samsung of copying the trademarked design of its products, and since then, the two companies have been in and out of court.

Now it looks like the war is about to spill out into the advertising arena. Although companies have taken shots at Apple's popular smartphone in commercials before, none of them compare to the Korean manufacturer's latest TV spot...

Sprint Airs New iPhone 4S Commercial

Sprint has aired a new commercial for the iPhone 4S. The ad touts the iPhone's App Store by creatively displaying giant app icons throughout New York City.

Apple made the iPhone 4S and 8GB iPhone 4 available on Sprint's network last month, and Sprint has reported record sales for the handset.

Verizon’s New iPhone 4S Commerical Takes a Jab at AT&T’s Bad Coverage

Verizon has aired a new commercial that takes a playful jab at its main competitor, AT&T. Touting the iPhone 4S on its network, Verizon's ad shows a group of stranded boat passengers helplessly floating in the ocean.

They all have iPhones. One of the iPhones is on Verizon. We'll let you guess which one is able to actually make the call for help...