iPhone 4S

Apple Airs Commercials Featuring iCloud, Siri, iPhone 4S Camera

With each new product release, Apple launches a whole new advertising campaign around whatever fancy new features have been added, and the iPhone 4S is no exception.

Starting today, Apple is airing three new ads to help spread the word about the "most amazing iPhone yet." The 30-second spots feature iCloud, Siri, and the supercharged 8 megapixel camera packed into the iPhone 4S. And in typical Apple fashion, we're not sure where real products end and the hype machine begins...

First iPhone 4S Commercial Airs Featuring Siri

The first commercial starring Apple's latest handset has just hit the airwaves. And as you might have guessed, the focus of the ad is the company's new Siri feature. For some folks, this may have been the first time they have seen it in action.

One of Apple's strong suits is its ability to market its products to the average consumer, and this commercial is no exception. It demonstrates everyday uses for the new voice control system, and leaves you wanting to know more...