Apple Airs Commercials Featuring iCloud, Siri, iPhone 4S Camera

With each new product release, Apple launches a whole new advertising campaign around whatever fancy new features have been added, and the iPhone 4S is no exception.

Starting today, Apple is airing three new ads to help spread the word about the “most amazing iPhone yet.” The 30-second spots feature iCloud, Siri, and the supercharged 8 megapixel camera packed into the iPhone 4S. And in typical Apple fashion, we’re not sure where real products end and the hype machine begins…

The iCloud ad revolves around syncing and downloading, with the ad showing off iTunes in the iCloud as well as iWork syncing across iPhones and iPads. Apple is also keen to show off Photo Stream, too, with photos being taken of adorable kids and being instantly beamed back to an iMac.

Magical, indeed.


The second of the three ads shows off Siri, in an unusually muted video. That is, you don’t hear the ad’s voice-over guy until right at the end, with Apple seemingly happy to let Siri do the talking for itself.

All the usual demo material is present: checking a calendar, reading a text message, and asking what the weather will be doing at a random point in time. We’ve all seen it before, but it is the exact kind of thing that will get people interested.


The final ad covers the iPhone 4S’ new 8 megapixel camera, with red-eye reduction and cropping also shown off for good measure.

Apple also points out that perhaps you don’t need a separate camera if you own a 4S. A point that many have made since getting their hands on Apple’s latest iPhone.


Apple’s ads always attract —not that the iPhone 4S has been struggling—and showing Siri off to people that might not already understand it is probably a very good idea.

Now we just wait for the next quarter’s earnings call to see how well these ads have payed off!