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Twitter for iOS and to start autoplaying videos today—here’s how to turn it off

You could say I'm not a big fan of intrusive autoplay videos in apps, not to mention those pesky autoplay video ads on some websites. With that in mind, I was taken aback when Twitter announced today adding this very feature to its iPhone and iPad application and the web interface.

Now when you stumble upon a tweet with an embedded Vine, animated GIF or a clip in Twitter's native format, it will begin to play back automatically.

It's all part of the grand plan to shove advertising down our throat though Twitter would have us believe it's trying to make our lives easier so we could “keep up with the action without missing a tweet and get a better sense of what’s been shared instantly.”

Because autoplay videos suck your cellular data, this feature is a major concern in this age of non-unlimited plans. True, Twitter promises to opt out of autoplay anyone who's on a high-rate data plan, but I'd rather trust my instincts and revert back to the old-school click-to-play experience.

Thankfully, there's an easy way to do just that.

How to embed Twitter videos on your website

Twitter has had a nice JavaScript-powered embed widget available on the web for quite some time now. Anyone is permitted to use the widget to highlight and inject specific tweets into their own blog posts and on websites.

Soon after the micro-blogging startup introduced the ability to shoot video directly within its mobile apps more than a month ago, the need arose for embedding Twitter video.

In this post, I'll show you how to use Twitter's widget to get the embed code for Twitter-hosted video to use on your own website or blog.

How to add Twitter and Facebook share widgets to Control Center

A few days ago, I wrote a post showing how to bring Twitter and Facebook share widgets back to the Notification Center using an app called Share Widgets for iOS 7. In this post, I noted that Apple probably didn't add these share widgets in the iOS 7 Notification Center because that's not the right place for them. When you think about it, sharing something on Twitter or Facebook has nothing to do with notifications.

A more natural fit for Twitter and Facebook share widgets is Control Center. With an array of tweaks now being developed for Control Center, one in particular grabbed my attention as it allowed me to do what I really wanted from the beginning: add Twitter and Facebook share widgets to Control Center.

This tweak, some of you may have already guessed, it CCToggles...

How to enable Twitter two-step verification

Earlier this week, Twitter updated its official app with a few new features. In addition to an improved image search and a better list maker, users can now get added security with two-step verification.

Most of our readers probably already know how to use two-step verification because they will be damned if anyone is going to steal their identity and they will perform a fire dance if it means added password security. However, there are still new iPhone users that have not yet experienced identity theft, or just don’t know what two-step verification even is. For our readers who would like to know, we’ve got a quick tutorial…

How to embed Vine clips in web pages

Twitter's Vine is fine for random sharing of six-second videos and today they issued an interesting new update promising to make embedding own or someone else's clips easy as a pie. Unfortunately, that's not the case.

The new version won't let you just grab an embed code in-app. For reasons beyond our comprehension, the software sends you to a special web page where the embed code can be created.

It's not the end of the world, but the solution is cumbersome and inelegant, though it works. To start injecting those beautiful Vines into your blog posts, web pages, email newsletters or pretty much into any other other type of HTML content, just follow our quick guide and you should be fine...

How to Tweet and Update Facebook Using Siri

Apple's unique selling point for the iPhone 4S is Siri, a digital assistant that knows what you mean and how to answer your questions.

For all Siri's polish and ability to take real language and turn it into emails and text messages, there is one glaring omission from its repertoire, and that's the ability to tweet or update your Facebook status.

With Twitter now very much built into the fabric of iOS, it has been a surprise to many that Apple didn't give Siri any hooks into the world of 140 characters and less. But fear not, for those of us that are addicted to Twitter can now send messages using Siri, and it's super easy to set up...