How to turn on the quality filter for your Twitter notifications


Any time someone mentions you on Twitter, you will see the person’s full tweet in your Notifications timeline.

Twitter includes tools to help filter out the junk from stuff you care about, so if you want to keep yourself from having to look at junk in your Notifications timeline, then you might want to enable Twitter’s quality filtering tools.

You can enable the quality filter both from the web and from the mobile app on your iPhone or iPad. We’ll show you both methods, but keep in mind, you won’t need to do both as your settings sync across all of your devices when you enable the quality filter from just one device.

According to Twitter, just some of the things the quality filter prevents you from seeing in both notifications and in general searches on the website are:

  • Duplicate Tweets that exist already and have been sent more than once
  • Content that appears to be automated and not from an individual

The quality filter will not:

  • Keep you from seeing content you’ve interacted with by replying
  • Keep you from seeing content from people you follow on Twitter

Turning on the Twitter quality filter

To turn on the Twitter quality filter, you will need to adjust your Twitter settings.

Method one: the website

If you’re using your Mac or PC, you can enable the quality filter by following these steps:

1) Visit Twitter via your favorite web browser and open the Notifications tab:

Twitter Notification Settings

2) Click on the blue Settings button at the top right of your Notifications feed.

3) Put a check mark in the Quality filter checkbox:

Twitter Quality Filter Save Changes

4) Click on the blue Save Changes button to append your new quality filter settings.

Now your quality filter has been enabled and be effective immediately.

Method two: from iOS

If you’ll be doing this from the iPhone or iPad app, you can follow these steps instead:

1) Launch the Twitter app from your device’s Home screen.

2) Open the Notifications tab and then tap on the Settings cog button at the top left.

Twitter Notifications Tab Settings Quality Filter iOS

3) Toggle on the Quality filter switch.

4) Tap on the blue Done button at the top right of the interface to save your changes.

Now the quality filter has been enabled right from your mobile Twitter app. Easy enough, right?

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