Silence keyboard clicks when using Bluetooth audio devices with BluetoothNoClicks

I use Bluetooth audio devices just as often as the next guy — whether it’s a pair if AirPods or Bluetooth headphones for personal music consumption or taking a phone call, or a simple Bluetooth speaker to keep the party raging.

As much as I love the convenience wireless audio transmission for these purposes, one thing that really annoys me is the pecking and popping of my keyboard on these Bluetooth devices when I’m typing a text message reply or searching the web.

New AirPods Pro will reportedly boost fitness tracking features, AirPods 3 coming later this year; new HomePods in development, no AirPods Max 2 in the works

AirPods Pro

The rumor mill has been pumping out expectations for new AirPods and AirPods Pro for quite some time. But the new truly wireless headphones have yet to actually launch.

And while we're still waiting, we've got new reports to sift through. This time around it's from Bloomberg, with Mark Gurman aiming to tell us what to expect this year. In his latest report, we learn that Apple is still planning on launching new AirPods and AirPods Pro models. So, that's the good news.

LeBron James photographed using the unreleased Beats Studio Buds

The unreleased Beats Studio Buds appear to be caught in an avalanche. Ever since they were discovered in the release candidate for iOS 14.6, the new headphones keep cropping up in other places.

Everywhere except an official announcement. But that will probably be changing in the very near future, now that at least one superstar athlete has been photographed out there in the wild wearing the new headphones. At least, one would hope.

Sonyfy lets jailbreakers toggle noise cancellation mode on certain Sony headphones via Control Center

Apple’s AirPods Pro sent a shockwave through the earbud industry when they became some of the first wireless earbuds to support active noise cancellation. Fast-forward to today, and even Apple’s newer AirPods Max over-ear headphones support this feature along with transparency.

But Apple isn’t the only brand pumping out earbuds and headphones with active noise cancellation and features similar to that of the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. Sadly, the company limits iOS’ native controls to the first party audio consumption devices — requiring the use of third party apps to control third party accessories (eww).

This tweak stops iOS’ built-in hearing protection for people who don’t like the volume interruption

If you’re using any recent release of iOS or iPadOS, be it 13 or 14, then your handset automatically attempts to protect your hearing by reducing loud sounds when using headphones for extended periods of time.

The option to reduce loud sounds is adjustable in the Settings app, but as many users have pointed out on Apple’s support forums, the adjustment has its limits and may still negatively impact the media consumption experience in certain scenarios even when the user takes steps to mitigate interruptions.

All the ways you can use the rotatable Digital Crown button on your AirPods Max

Your AirPods Max over-ear headphones feature a rotatable Digital Crown button, located on the top of the right earphone. Follow along with this tutorial to learn all the ways you can use the Digital Crown to pause, resume or skip the music you’re listening to (or the video you’re watching), as well as adjust the volume, invoke Siri, answer and end calls, and much more..

Interpreting the meaning of LED light states on your AirPods Max

The LED status light on your AirPods Max headphones, found on the top of the right earphone, was designed to indicate the various states and modes of operation such as pairing mode, charge states and reset/restart statuses. Follow along with our helpful tutorial if you need to learn how to decipher the meaning of the various LED light states of your AirPods Max.