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How to see available achievements in Apple Arcade games

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If you subscribe to Apple Arcade and challenge yourself to new games, then you know how great it is to complete an achievement. Some games offer tons of achievements while others offer only a few. But either way, it always feels good when you reach one.

With updates to the App Store, you can now head to Apple Arcade and see achievements for each of those games. View what you’ve accomplished, share those achievements if you like, and then review what you still need to complete.

Here, we’ll show you how to see the achievements for Apple Arcade games. And as a bonus, we’ll show you how to see those for Game Center games you play that aren’t part of Apple Arcade.

Super Mario Run gains Game Center achievements, new buildings & other perks

Nintendo just issued a second major update to Super Mario Run for iPhone following the game's App Store inception in December 2016. Version 2.1 includes several enhancements and perks, such as official support for Game Center achievements (finally!), the ability to use your bespoke Miitomo character as your in-game player icon, new buildings including the 8-bit Bowser Statue, Bullet Bill Statue and Bob-omb Statue, plus additional changes and improvements.

How to remove all your Game Center friends

Starting with iOS 10, the way you interact with Game Center and the people you wish to play games with is now completely different. You no longer need to utilize a friends list to play games with your buddies and strangers.

Since a friends list is no longer necessary for multiplayer purposes, it goes without saying you don't need to have one anymore. You'll be happy to know it's easy to clear your existing friends list and migrate over to the new way of things. We'll show you how in this tutorial.

Apple removes Game Center app from iOS 10 and macOS Sierra betas

Apple has removed the Game Center app from the first betas of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra. The change appears to be permanent, according to the iOS 10 Preview release notes. Although it's still available in Settings, “the Game Center app has been removed,” reads the document.

That doesn't mean that developers can no longer use the Game Center service or implement Game Center features—quite the contrary—it's just that the user-facing Game Center app is no longer available.

How to remove games you’ve uninstalled or no longer play from Game Center

With Game Center, you can play your favorite games with friends who have an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Mac. Game Center is also where your global leaderboards, achievements, challenges, high scores and other data are stored for each Game Center-compatible game you play.

Some people also find this particular feature a major nuisance over being bugged with notifications and invites for the games they no longer have installed on their device.

Thankfully, you can easily remove any game that you no longer play from Game Center with a quick swipe.

Apple engineer explains how FaceTime came out of work done for Game Center

When Apple was unveiling a new video-calling capability on the then new iPhone 4 at the WWDC 2010 keynote, Steve Jobs presented the feature as one of his famous 'one more thing' moments.

FaceTime debuted as a hassle-free video calling service between iPhone 4 devices and was initially Wi-Fi-only, but Apple eventually rolled it out across the lineup so it's available across Mac, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices on both Wi-Fi and cellular.

The engineer behind the feature, Roberto Garcia, was forced to spill the beans on how FaceTime came out of work done for Game Center in his testimony during the fourth week of the second Apple vs. Samsung trial in California, here are the juiciest bits...