How to remove all your Game Center friends

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Starting with iOS 10, the way you interact with Game Center and the people you wish to play games with is now completely different. You no longer need to utilize a friends list to play games with your buddies and strangers.

Since a friends list is no longer necessary for multiplayer purposes, it goes without saying you don’t need to have one anymore. You’ll be happy to know it’s easy to clear your existing friends list and migrate over to the new way of things. We’ll show you how in this tutorial.

How to delete Game Center friends in iOS 13

Unfortunately Apple has removed the ability to delete your entire Game Center list in one fell swoop in recent versions of iOS. If you’re running iOS 13 and you wish to remove Game Center friends, you’ll need to do it one at a time. Here’s how.

1) Go to SettingsGame Center.

2) Tap Friends.

3) Tap the name you wish to delete and swipe left.

4) Tap Remove.

That does it. Now you just need to repeat the action for each friend you’re connected to. You’ll remain connected with them in your Contacts database and any other services.

Nuking your Game Center friends list

Once you remove all your friends from Game Center, there’s no way to reverse your decision. So make sure you really want to proceed before you do.

If you’re sure you want to go through with it, you can follow these steps to clear your friends list in one fell swoop:

1) Go to Settings → Game Center.

Remove All Game Center Friends iPhone

2) Tap on the blue Remove all Game Center Friends button.

3) In the pop-up prompt, tap on the red Remove All Friends option.

All your Game Center friends have now been removed from your Game Center account.

Can I re-add friends to Game Center?

From what it looks like, you can no longer add people as friends on Game Center in iOS 10. Instead, you are going to have to use the new iMessage integration tools to send game invites to other iPhone and iPad users.

Importantly, this only works in supported games, so your ability to do this depends on game developers who’ve added Game Center support to their apps.

To send an invite to someone via iMessage, you need to open a game that supports Game Center. For our example, we’ll show you how it’s done in a popular game called Doodle Jump.

First, you’re going to need to go into the game’s Multiplayer settings, and then tap on the Invite Friends button at the bottom left of the interface.

Game Center Multiplayer iOS 10

Once you’re in, you will be presented with an iMessage interface that has a Game Center rich link pre-loaded into the chat box. You can send this to any of your iMessage contacts, or to someone who isn’t in your contacts. This will allow you to play 1-on-1 with that person via Game Center.

Alternatively, you can also enable the Nearby Players option from Settings → Game Center and this will let you play games with other Game Center users (strangers) near you via Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth.


While your old “friends list” might no longer have any important uses in iOS 10, it doesn’t mean you can’t play games with other people anymore. It just means the process to start a game with others has changed.

With the Game Center apps removed from iOS and macOS, and with a new way to invite people to play games, having a friends list for the mobile gaming experience really makes no sense anymore anyways.

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