7 tips and tricks for using Firefox on iPhone and iPad

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While most people with an iPhone or iPad usually use Safari browsing the web, there are some who simply prefer a different browser. And if you’re one of these people and Firefox is the browser you choose, then we want to make sure you get the most of your experience.

Here are some Firefox tips and tricks for browsing the web on iOS.

How to use picture-in-picture in Firefox and Chrome on Mac

Firefox Select Picture in Picture

If you’ve been enjoying the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) feature when watching videos in Safari on your Mac, you should know that you can do the same with Firefox and Chrome.

While they differ a bit in the process to access PiP and the sites that it works with, we’ll show you how to use Picture-in-Picture in both Firefox and Chrome. Then you can keep watching videos while you work using your preferred browser on Mac.

Keyboard shortcuts for Firefox on Mac

MacBook backlit keyboard - Firefox keyboard shortcuts

If your browser of choice on Mac is Firefox or you use it in addition to Safari, then there’s no better way to zip around the web than with keyboard shortcuts.

This list of keyboard shortcuts for Firefox don’t just work on Mac either. So if you have a Windows computer at work and a Mac at home, for instance, remembering these shortcuts can help you on both.

How to import and export bookmarks between Safari, Firefox and Chrome

Safari Bookmarks on iPhone

If you’re preparing your Mac for work or school, then getting your browser ready is part of that process. One piece of it is making sure you have the bookmarks you need, regardless of which browser you’re using. This is especially crucial if you’re someone like me who uses more than one browser, depending on the task.

While bookmarks can certainly be ever-changing, that initial setup with the ones you need is a good start. This tutorial shows you how to import and export bookmarks between Safari, Firefox, and Chrome to get you set up quickly.

How to view digital certificates in Safari, Firefox and Chrome

Safari See Digital Certificate

If you’re concerned about the ownership of a website you’re visiting or want to make sure that the data you’re transmitting through that site is secure, you may want to view a site’s digital certificate. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to view a digital certificate in the most common browsers: Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

BrowserDefault lets you change the default web browser on your iPhone

Safari Private Browsing Button Missing iPhone

Some people love iOS’ Safari web browser, but if you’re the type of person who would rather use a third-party alternative like Chrome or Firefox, then you might be disappointed to learn that Apple doesn’t let you configure a default web browser apart from Safari. On the other hand, those with jailbroken handsets can have their cake and eat it too.

With the help of a new jailbreak tweak called BrowserDefault by iOS developer lpane, you can choose the default web browser apart from Safari that your handset will use to launch web links when tapped.

How to stop iPhone from syncing bookmarks in Safari, Chrome and Firefox

Safari Bookmarks on iPhone

A convenient feature of your iPhone is that you can sync bookmarks you save in your browser and access them on another device, like your iPad or Mac. But what if you don’t want to sync your bookmarks?

Maybe your iPhone is a business phone and you want to keep your personal bookmarks separate. Or maybe you want the sites you bookmark on your iPhone private and away from people who use your other devices.

Whatever your reason, you can stop iPhone from syncing bookmarks in just a few taps. We’ll show you how to do this with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

How to enable the Firefox Dark Theme on Mac

Firefox Dark Theme on Mackbook Screen

The Dark Mode on Mac is a cool feature, not just for the look and feel, but can be helpful for toning down the bright screen, especially in the evening. So, using a dark mode on your apps can be just as useful.

If you use Firefox in addition to or instead of Safari, you can set this up there too. Here’s how to enable the Firefox Dark Theme on Mac.