Aaron Sorkin talks Jobs movie at Tribeca Film Festival

Aaron Sorkin took a moment yesterday to speak about his upcoming Steve Jobs movie. The Academy Award-winning screenwriter was answering questions at New York City’s School of Visual Arts for the Tribeca Film Festival last night when the subject of the Sony-backed Jobs film came up.

Sorkin of course avoided talking about the drama that surfaced yesterday surrounding the picture’s director and cast, but he did offer up a few details about his script. Some of it we’ve heard before—such as his goal to do something other than a ‘Jobs biography’—but there were a few new tidbits…

Sony said to be considering Danny Boyle to direct Jobs biopic, Leonardo DiCaprio could star

Sony Pictures is eyeing Danny Boyle as the new director of its Steve Jobs biopic titled “Jobs”, after David Fincher decided not to step in the role, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Boyle nor Sony have officially confirmed the news, and the publication reports the deal is not yet done and that both parties are still in talks. Boyle is known for his work in the Slumdog Millionaire and 28 Days Later, among other films.

Furthermore, there’s word Boyle has approached Leonardo DiCaprio, of The Great Gatsby and The Wolf of Wall Street fame, to star in the film as Jobs. Let’s just hope he doesn’t drop as many “F Bombs” as he did in The Wolf of Wall Street…

David Fincher may no longer be directing Sony’s anticipated Steve Jobs biopic

David Fincher, of The Social Network directing fame, is no longer being tapped to direct Sony Pictures’ highly anticipated Steve Jobs movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Jobs movie from Sony Pictures hasn’t been given a title, but it’s based on Walter Isaacson’s official Steve Jobs biography released shortly after the Apple co-founder’s death. It’s expected to be a much better representation of Jobs’ life than the biopic starring Ashton Kutcher released earlier this year.

Christian Bale reportedly front-runner for Steve Jobs role in Sony’s biopic

Academy Award-winner Christian Bale is said to be the front-runner for the Steve Jobs role in Sony’s upcoming biopic about the Apple founder. And if you’re a fan of the Cupertino company, or just a fan of good movies in general, this is exciting news.
Bale is highly regarded in Hollywood for his ability to play a wide range of characters—he’s done everything from a sociopathic serial killer to the cape crusader—and his commitment to the art. He once dropped 60 pounds in just a few months for a role…

Aaron Sorkin finished with screenplay for Sony’s Steve Jobs biopic

Aaron Sorkin has reportedly completed his screenplay for the highly-anticipated Steve Jobs biopic and submitted it to Sony. It was first announced that Sorkin would be working on the project back in the spring of 2012, but we’ve heard little of his progress since then.

The fact that he’s finished the script is good news though, and should appease observers who have been looking forward to the flick. Needless to say, both Sony and movie-goers alike are hoping Sorkin can drum up the same kind of magic he did with The Social Network…

These Videos Took First Place in the 2011 Original iPhone Film Festival

Last Summer we told you about  the Original iPhone Film Festival. The contest only had two rules of entry: the contestants must shoot their entire video with an iOS device, and the clip could not exceed 4 and 1/2 minutes.

Well it took a little while, but the winners of the Film Festival have finally been chosen. Continue reading to see the four videos that took home first place in their respective categories…

First iPhone 4 Film Festival Opens

You knew this was bound to happen sooner rather than later, though you probably didn’t expect the first iPhone 4 Film Festival to come from Korea. To commemorate the recent launch of the iPhone 4 in South Korea, local carrier KT decided to create the very first festival that requires all competitors to film and edit their entries exclusively with an iPhone 4.

Twelve shorts by Korean directors were screened yesterday night for the opening day of this month-long event. Apparently not everybody was pleased by the capabilities of the iPhone 4…