New movies and shows coming to Apple TV+ in July 2022

While June leaned heavily into new seasons of existing shows, like Physical and Home, it looks like July is all about the new-new. That doesn’t mean Apple TV+ isn’t leaving some room for a brand new season of an existing property, though. And one of the service’s best, at that.

What to watch this month on Apple TV+

So, without any further delay, here’s a look at what’s coming to Apple TV+ throughout the month of July, 2022.

July 2022 new TV and film premieres

July 8 – Black Bird

Black Bird holds a high point for many people because the upcoming thriller is one of the last roles taken by the late, great Ray Liotta. Along with him, the upcoming series stars Taron Egerton and Paul Walter Hauser, among others. It’s a dramatic retelling based on true events, to which Apple TV+ describes as such:

When high school football hero and decorated policeman’s son Jimmy Keene (Taron Egerton) is sentenced to 10 years in a minimum security prison, he is given the choice of a lifetime — enter a maximum-security prison for the criminally insane and befriend suspected serial killer Larry Hall (Paul Walter Hauser), or stay where he is and serve his full sentence with no possibility of parole. Keene quickly realizes his only way out is to elicit a confession and find out where the bodies of several young girls are buried before Hall’s appeal goes through. But is this suspected killer telling the truth? Or is it just another tale from a serial liar? This dramatic and captivating story subverts the crime genre by enlisting the help of the very people put behind bars to solve its mysteries.

Black Bird will premiere on Friday, July 8, 2022.

July 8 – Duck & Goose

Duck & Goose is a series for the family with young children in the mix. It’s based on the award-winning series of books written by Tad Hills. It’s all about friendship, despite our differences.

Based on the award-winning children’s book series by Tad Hills, feathered friends Duck and Goose couldn’t be more different, but they’ve figured out how to bring out the best in one another.

Duck & Goose will offer content on the other side of the coin from the aforementioned Black Bird, as it’s set to premiere on the same day, Friday, July 8, 2022.

July 22 – Trying

Trying has become a stable comedy/drama for Apple TV+ over the course of two seasons, and the streaming service is hoping to strike again with the upcoming third season. It is set to premiere on Friday, July 22, 2022, and it will continue to tell the story of Nikki (Esther Smith) and Jason (Race Spall) as they try to manifest their perfect family.

Starring SAG Award nominee Rafe Spall, BAFTA nominee Esther Smith, and written by Andy Wolton, Trying is a comedy series from Apple TV+ and BBC Studios about a thirtysomething couple and their friends learning to grow up, settle down, and find someone to love.

Mark July 22 on your calendar if you’re looking forward to the newest season of Trying.

July 22 – Best Foot Forward

Another entry in the lineup of family-friendly content for Apple TV+, Best Foot Forward is based on the best-selling novel and memoir written by Josh Sundquist. Here’s how Apple describes it:

From homeschooled to the new kid in school, Josh is stepping into a whole new adventure. Based on Josh Sundquist’s memoir and best-selling book, Just Don’t Fall.

Best Foot Forward premieres Friday, July 22, 2022.

July 29 – Surface

Surface is a thriller that asks the relatively simple (no sarcasm here) question, “Who do you trust when you can’t trust yourself?” The upcoming series stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw of The Morning Show fame, and follows the main character Sophie who suffers from extreme memory loss. Here’s Apple TV+ on the series:

Set in high-end San Francisco, Surface, stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw (“The Morning Show”) who also executive produces, as Sophie, a woman who has suffered a traumatic head injury that has left her with extreme memory loss. As Sophie embarks on a quest to put the pieces of her life back together with the help of her husband and friends, she begins to question whether or not the truth she is told is in fact the truth she has lived. Through twists and turns and an unexpected love triangle, this sexy, elevated thriller asks: What if you woke up one day and didn’t know your own secrets?

Surface is one of the more highly anticipated shows coming to Apple TV+. Are you going to be checking it out?

July 29 – Amber Brown

No trailer for this one just yet, but that should be changing soon enough. When it does, we’ll be sure to add it here.

One more for the “Kids & Family” section. Amber Brown follows the eponymous main character as she’s going through a rough time. Her parents are getting divorced and her best friend is moving away. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel thanks to her art, a brand new friend, and more. Here’s Apple TV+’s description:

Between her parents’ divorce and her best friend moving away, Amber Brown is having a tough time. But her art, video diary, and new friend Brandi provide outlets for Amber to express her feelings and find gratitude in the love that surrounds her.

Amber Brown stars Carsyn Rose, Liliana Inouye, and Sarah Drew. It will premiere on Friday, July 29, 2022.

And, there we have it. Trying is the only existing property getting some new episodes for the month of July. Otherwise, it’s all brand new, which is good news for Apple TV+. That means the service is striving to keep a healthy dose of new content coming down the pipe for subscribers to watch. While also maintaining new seasons of the shows people are actually watching (and appear to be enjoying).

What are you looking forward to most in July?