How to see the file extension in the Files app on iPhone and iPad

Image composition showing file extension or file type inside iOS Files app

In this brief tutorial, we show you two easy ways to see the extensions of your saved images, videos, audio, documents, and more, inside the Files app on iPhone and iPad. You can choose to see the file type on a per-file basis or enable the option to permanently display the extension for all files in the iOS and iPadOS Files app.

This extension makes it easier to spot the active Safari tab on Mac

Illustration showing an Apple Safari logo set against a blue gradient background

Safari 15 for Mac ships with controversial changes that include a counterintuitive design for the active tab which makes distinguishing between it and any inactive tabs a lot harder than it ever should be. It's so broken that someone felt compelled enough to write a Safari extension that updates tab appearance to help people actually tell which tab is active.

The best spelling and grammar check browser extensions

Spelling and Grammar Browser Extensions - Linguix on Mac

If you take part in writing online, whether a paper for school, article for work, or email for business, add-ons for your web browser can be very beneficial. That’s where this list of spelling and grammar browser extensions can help.

You can check your spelling and grammar quickly, make corrections easily, and ensure that what you’re writing is correct. For your favorite browser, see which of these add-ons is the best fit for your writing tasks.

Useful Safari extensions you didn’t know you needed

Useful Extenstions for Safari Mac

Browser extensions can be very handy tools for accomplishing tedious tasks and organizing yourself better. The unfortunate part of finding useful extensions for a browser like Safari is that you could end up wasting time with add-ons that don’t do what you expected. They may not work as well as you hoped or simply don’t work at all. That’s why we’re here to help.

The Safari extensions on this list work well for their intended purposes. They are each ideal for a specific task that may be exactly what you didn’t know you needed. Check out these essential Safari extensions for working on the web.

How to manage Safari extensions on Mac

Safari Extensions on Mac

If you’re new to Safari on Mac, there are plenty of great features for Apple's stock web browser. One of them, like other browsers, is the ability to install extensions. These handy tools can help you do more when you use Safari. Extensions can be anything from tab savers to shopping helpers to ad blockers.

Installing extensions is easy from the App Store. But you should also periodically review the extensions you have installed. Plus, knowing how to remove an extension is essential for those you no longer want to use.

So here we’ll show you how to manage the Safari extensions you have installed on your Mac.

Charitable Safari extensions that help you give back

Ecosia How it Works Map

There are plenty of ways to help those in need. You can donate money, clothing, or household items, you can volunteer your time at a local shelter, and you can participate in events that assist charities. But one very simple way to give back is with one or more of these Safari extensions.

If you’re already using Safari to search for information or make online purchases, then it’s a no brainer. You’re not giving up time, money, or anything else to help those who need it. If you’re interested, here are some terrific Safari extensions that help you give back.