Watch this nighttime drone footage showing finishing touches being put on Apple Park

Apple is putting the final touches on its new campus in Cupertino, called Apple Park, and drone pilot Duncan Sinfield took his Inspire 1 Pro to the skies and flew it above the 175 acre site at night. Apple is expected to being moving in employees this month, a process expected to take six months during which time the company will be completing landscaping and other work at the site.

Latest 4K drone flyovers show off iSpaceship facade glowing at night & more

A pair of new flyover videos from YouTubers Duncan Sinfield and Matthew Roberts reveal that Apple has installed exterior lights at Apple Campus 2 site, showing the iSpaceship building facade glowing at night. It's quite a spectacular sight given the enormous scale of the flying saucer-shaped structure.

Apple Campus 2, as it's officially called, will become home to more than 12,000 employees when it's completed some time in early 2017.

Take a peek at Apple’s new Texas offices, its second largest operation in the world

Austin American-Statesman on Monday published a nice photo gallery providing our first sneak peek at Apple's new offices in Austin, Texas.

The premises include a complete wellness center, a doctor's office, restaurants, smoothie bars, exam rooms named after Texas parks and more.

The upcoming campus is located in Northwest Austin off Parmer Lane. When completed, it will consist of 1.1 million square feet of office space covering 38 acres.

In addition to the Austin facilities, Apple's been building a new ring-shaped corporate home in Cupertino called Campus 2, also known as Spaceship.

Tim Cook and Eddy Cue visit Apple’s new Austin campus

In late 2012, Apple began work on a major 39-acre campus in Austin, Texas. According to its development agreement, the grounds will house more than 1 million square feet of office space for various operations including human resources, finance and the like.

After completing phase one of the construction earlier this year, the campus held its opening celebration today. CEO Tim Cook was on hand for the event, offering up a recap of WWDC announcements and teasing that "exciting" new products are on the way...

Apple said to be expanding in Sunnyvale, California with new 7-building campus

The San Jose Mercury News is reporting today that Apple plans to expand its operations into Sunnyvale, California. Citing city documents and sources familiar with the matter, the outlet says that the iPad-maker has agreed to lease a new campus in the Santa Clara city.

According to building permit applications, the agreement includes Sunnyvale Crossing, a 290,000 square foot complex with a total of 7 buildings. Apple is currently listed as a tenant in one of the facilities, and is expected to take over the remaining 6 structures very soon...

Apple’s ‘Spaceship’ campus approved by Cupertino City Council

It looks like the brochures worked. Following the approval by the city's Planning Commission earlier this month, Apple began sending out pamphlets to Cupertino residents to garner support for its 'Spaceship' campus ahead of its final meeting with City Council.

Well that meeting took place last night, and the full Cupertino City Council gave its unanimous approval to the project. Pending any petitions for reconsideration, Apple has just one more hurdle left to clear—a final reading next month—before it can break ground...

Apple unveils detailed model of upcoming ‘Spaceship’ campus

Last week, Apple cleared another hurdle in its effort to land its 'Spaceship' campus in Cupertino by 2016, garnering a thumbs up from the city's planning commission. Now it just has to win the approval of city council, and it's home free.

And the company is pulling out all of the stops ahead of next week's city council vote. It's begun sending out brochures asking residents of Cupertino for their support, and earlier today, executives introduced a 3D model of the campus...

Apple breaks ground on 1 million square foot Austin campus

Over the past few weeks, Apple has started work on a new 39-acre campus in Austin, TX that will be the future home of the company’s US operations. The new buildout will be an extension of Apple's current campus, which sits just off of Delcour Drive in northern Austin.

It's not going to be as big as the iSpaceship campus Apple is working on in Cupertino, but Apple's plans for the expansion include seven office buildings, combining for slightly more than 1 million square feet of office space, and the creation of some 3,600 local jobs...

Apple begins work on major Austin campus expansion

Earlier this year, Apple purchased 38 acres of land on the corner of West Parmer Lane and Delcour Drive in Austin to expand its Texas-based campus. The buildout is going to double Apple’s work force in the area, creating some 3,600 jobs. And according to a new report, construction on the site is underway...