Apple begins work on major Austin campus expansion

Earlier this year, Apple purchased 38 acres of land on the corner of West Parmer Lane and Delcour Drive in Austin to expand its Texas-based campus. The buildout is going to double Apple’s work force in the area, creating some 3,600 jobs. And according to a new report, construction on the site is underway…

MacRumors points to a report from The Austin American-Statesman:

“Construction work has quietly started on Apple Inc.’s planned $304 million expansion project on Parmer Lane in Northwest Austin — a project that is expected to create as many as 3,600 local jobs.

There is major earthwork happening on the 38.8-acre site and the concrete shell of what appears to be a three-story office building is taking shape.”

The report also notes that a revised engineering plan for the site was recently submitted to the city saying that Apple’s ultimate plan for the expansion consists of seven office buildings, combining for slightly more than 1 million square feet of space, and three parking structures providing 5,500 parking spaces.

The new buildings will make room for some 3,600 new jobs, with an average annual wage of $63,950. But don’t think Apple’s doing this for the good of humanity — it’s slated to receive up to $36 million in state, city and county incentives over the next 10 years as part of the economic development agreement.

Apple’s construction team has been on a tear in recent months. In addition to the Austin expansion, Apple is also building a small campus in Santa Clara, California, its enormous iSpaceship campus in Cupertino and a handful of new data centers in Oregon, Nevada, and North Carolina.

Image credit: Flickr – Matthew Kivett