Apple Pay

Apple is celebrating America’s national parks with special collections in Apple Maps, the App Store, and much more

As the United States National Park Service turns 105 years old, Apple has determined now is the right time to celebrate. The company today has announced a new initiative that will see many of its services promoting the national parks throughout the United States. And that includes the Apple Pay collaboration that we reported on earlier this week.

Apple Pay is now available in Qatar

While Apple's mobile payment option is available in a lot of places, there are still some holes to fill. Which Apple is working on. Today, for instance, there's a brand new market to add to the "supported" column, with Apple Pay officially launching in a new region.

Apple Cash Instant Transfer now supports Mastercard debit cards

A handy feature for folks using the Apple Card is Daily Cash Back. This will automatically deposit your earned cash back from purchases onto the Apple Cash card saved in your Wallet. From there, you can choose to use those funds to help pay down the Apple Card's balance, pay for items when using Apple Pay, or transfer the money to a bank.