Apple ID

Why iPhone keeps asking for your Apple ID password and how to fix it

Apple ID Password iPhone

Are you seeing repetitive verification popups or notifications on your iPhone asking you to enter your Apple ID password? And even after entering the correct password, it reappears, asking for the password again! Here are the solutions to fix this and stop your iPhone, iPad, or Mac from asking for the Apple ID password again and again.

How to find and know your Apple ID on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Find your Apple ID

All your app or media purchases, subscriptions, iCloud, and several other things are associated with your Apple ID. If you're a new iPhone, iPad, or Mac user, you may wonder, how do I find my Apple ID?

This article shows you what an Apple ID is and how to find your Apple ID on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. We will also show you how to know if your email is already registered as an Apple ID or not.