Sideloady v0.40.3 update adds enhanced support for paid developer Apple IDs & more…

The Sideloady team is out with another update to its popular multi-platform sideloading application for iPhone and iPad users this weekend, officially bringing the Sideloady utility up to version 0.40.3.

Sideloady app icon.

Citing the change log published on the official Sideloady web page, we can gather that Sideloady v0.40.3 brings the following changes and improvements:

– Better support for Apple IDs enrolled in the Apple Developer Program (paid Apple IDs). Now you can sideload just as you would with a normal Apple ID and Sideloadly will take care of the rest!
– Improved & further decreased the number of notifications coming from the Sideloadly Daemon.
– Added a new option to enable/disable the Sideloadly Daemon from launching on startup. If the daemon does not launch on computer startup, the automatic app refresh feature will be disabled.
– Sideloadly will now enroll an app for automatic refresh only if the app installation was successful.
– If an app fails to automatically refresh after 3 tries, we will now send a notification for manual review by the user.
– Improvements were made to the daemon’s menu so there’s less clutter.
– Sideloadly will now cache deb injections so the daemon will use the cached version when refreshing.
– “No Anisette” option was removed as it was no longer working and unnecessary with the new paid Apple ID changes.
– Fixed an issue with automatic refreshing on iOS 13 & lower devices.
– Fixed an issue where tweak injections would sometimes be duplicated on the daemon causing the installation to fail.
– Various other bug fixes and improvements.

Some of the major highlights in this Sideloady update are the improved support for Apple IDs enrolled in Apple’s paid developer program, a reduction in the number of pestering notifications from the Sideloady Daemon, and automatic app enrollment in automatic app refresh upon successful installation.

Sideloady is a popular alternative to AltStore and AltServer for sideloading apps onto iPhones and iPads. Likewise, it’s available for macOS and Windows, just like AltStore and AltServer are. One of the biggest perks to Sideloady is that it supports iOS 7 and later, whereas AltStore and AltServer only support iOS 12 or later.

Using Sideloady doesn’t require a jailbreak, however it can be used to sideload certain jailbreak apps such as Odyssey, Taurine, and unc0ver. More commonly, it’s used to sideload .ipa files that were acquired outside of Apple’s App Store as not to have to adhere to Apple’s strict App Store policies.

If you’re an existing Sideloady user, then the v0.40.3 update is obviously strongly recommended. Of course, if you’re just getting into Sideloady for the first time, then you would do good to make sure you download the latest version of the tool from the project’s website instead of using an older release, as the latest release has all the latest improvements.

Sideloady can be had for free from the project’s official website.

Have you used the latest version of Sideloady on your iPhone or iPad yet? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.