Sideloady updated to v0.40.0 for sideloading more than 3 apps via MacDirtyCow, automatic app refreshing, & more…

Just yesterday, we talked about AltStore getting support for more than three sideloaded apps at a time via the MacDirtyCow exploit, and today, we’re seeing the same new feature from the competing Sideloady sideloading software.

Sideloady v0.40.0 on Windows.

In an announcement post first shared to /r/jailbreak Tuesday morning, the Sideloady team said that version 0.40.0 of its software was launching with not only support for more than three sideloaded apps via WDBRemoveThreeAppLimit (the same MacDirtyCow-based method used by AltStore), but also a lengthy list of additional improvements. The full change log can be found below:

– Automatic app refreshing! With a single click of a button (ON by default), Sideloady will enroll the app and any tweak injections for automatic refreshing. This is all done seamlessly in the background; all you have to do is sideload an app like you have until now. For the best results, please make sure you have Wi-Fi access enabled for the device, otherwise the automatic refresh will use USB when available.
– If Wi-Fi sideloading is not available, we have added the option to “Refresh all apps manually” which can come in handy when connecting via USB, or if you plan on traveling for a few days.
– An issue with the Mail plugin on macOS Ventura should now be resolved. Sideloady will ask and perform a fix if it detects an issue with the plugin.
– Added better support for iOS 16. If you have reached the 3-app limit, Sideloady will now notify you.
– Fixed an issue where certain tweaks that contained .bundles would not properly inject.
– Added support for additional .deb layouts.
– Added the option to change the app icon before sideloading. Patreon feature.
– Sideloady now has a queuing system which allows you to sideload multiple apps one after another for Pateons only. The queue system is also used for the automatic refreshing and is free for this use.
– Added the ability to stop the current sideloading process.
– Sideloady can now add or modify Info.plist fields. Patreon feature.
– Various other bug fixes and improvements.

While some of the features included in this Sideloady update are Patreon-only, most of the highly sought after features are for everyone. Worthy of note, this update brings a lot of positive changes to the platform, and not just blanket statements of “bug fixes and improvements,” which means users will actually feel like they’re getting more out of Sideloady in version 0.40.0.

For example, not only does this update allow you to go well over the 3-app limit on iOS 14.0-16.1.2 with the MacDirtyCow exploit, but it also gives you the means to have your apps re-signed automatically via your PC and wirelessly or over USB.

While not currently a part of the version 0.40.0, a future update will introduce the following upcoming features and improvements:

– Apple TV sideloading support.
– Ability to de-activate apps so you can easily switch back and forth between apps without uninstalling them.
– Better support for Apple IDs enrolled in Apple Developer Program.
– Better “Local Anisette” support for macOS.
– Improved “Remote Anisette” support.
– Linux support.
– Review and improve Sideloady UI.
– Be more responsive in resolving bugs & issues reported by the community.
– Implement user ideas and suggestions.

If you’re an existing Sideloady user, then you can upgrade to version 0.40.0 right from the Sideloady user interface. Alternatively, prospective users can download Sideloady from the project’s website.

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Have you used or do you plan to use the latest version of Sideloady, or are you already using AltStore or something else for your needs? Let us know in the comments section down below.