AltStore v1.6.1 now available for everyone with 3-app limit removed for MacDirtyCow devices

Earlier today, we talked about a version of AltStore that would remove the three-app sideloading limitation on MacDirtyCow-vulnerable devices running iOS or iPadOS 14.0-16.1.2. Whilst it was an upcoming feature in beta testing at the time, it now seems that the update is being released for everybody.

AltStore Tweet announcing v1.6.1.

In a Tweet shared Monday afternoon, the AltStore Twitter account said that AltStore version 1.6.1 was being released for everyone with all the changes present in the version 1.6.1 beta, which includes:

  • Sideloading more than three apps at a time with the MacDirtyCow exploit
  • A new “Clear Cache” button that can remove non-essential data and free up disk space
  • Fix a crash when viewing sources on iOS 12 devices

Obviously, being able to use the MacDirtyCow exploit to sideload more than three apps requires your device to be vulnerable to the MacDirtyCow bug. This means it only works on iOS or iPadOS 14.0-16.1.3. It will not work on iOS or iPadOS 16.2 or later.

Making use of this feature requires you to sideload an app called WDBRemoveThreeAppLimit, which then lets you go on to sideload more apps:

Installing WDBRemoveThreeAppLimit for AltStore.

Here was a follow-up Tweet discussing the new features in more detail:

AltStore v1.6.1 follow up Tweets

And here is the clear cache button for those interested:

AltStore’s new a clear cache button.

Installing the update is super easy. Just open the AltStore application on your iPhone or iPad and tap on the Update button to begin downloading and installing the latest build:

AltStore v1.6.1 update.

Keeping AltStore up to date is recommended for all users, not only to prevent usage interruptions, but to enjoy the latest features as well.

Sideloading apps in this way allows users to bypass Apple’s App Store and install any .ipa file they want, albeit with a seven-day signing period that uses their Apple ID as a free developer account to authorize the sideload.

Have you updated to the latest version of AltStore yet? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.