Upcoming version of AltStore will use MacDirtyCow exploit to remove 3-app limitation

While AltStore is and has long been one of the most popular ways to sideload apps on iPhones and iPads, one pain point for users has always been the three-app limit.

AltStore v1.6.1 beta removing three app limit.

As the AltStore team alluded to in a Tweet shared earlier this month, shown above, a future update will remove the somewhat annoying three-app limitation, and it will do so using the MacDirtyCow exploit.

From what we can gather, a MacDirtyCow-based mechanism will be built into the AltStore app so that those running iOS or iPadOS 14.x-16.1.2 can sideload more than three apps at any given time. It will appear as an option in the app, as shown below:

AltStore remove three app limit toggle.

Currently, the feature is being tested in AltStore v1.6.1 beta, which is only available to Patreons (paid subscribers), however we can safely assume that this feature will come to all users once it’s out of beta testing.

In addition to removing the three-app limit, we can also see that this version brings a clear cache button, as well as an option to fix sources on iOS 12.

We don’t yet know when AltStore v1.6.2 will be available to the general public, but it’s always great to have something like this to look forward to. After all, no one likes limitations.

Will you be using AltStore to sideload more than three apps at any given time? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.