AT&T Cracks Down on MyWi Tethering Users

If you're a heavy user of MyWi, the most popular jailbreak app that allows tethering, then watch out because AT&T is coming after you. According to various reports from MyWi users, AT&T has been sending SMS and emails warning them that they have to activate the official tethering option if they want to tether their iPhone.

Additionally, the email AT&T sent to some MyWi users warns them that if they don't hear from them before March 27, those users will automatically be enrolled in the 4 GB DataPro plan, which is required for activating the official tethering option...

Use the iPhone to Enable GPS on the iPad While Tethering

If you don't pony up the cash for a 3G-enabled iPad 2, you won't get the GPS capabilities of a carrier network connection. That means that, unless you are connected to a Wifi access point, the maps functionality of the iPad will not be able to track your location or give you live directions, etc.

The internal GPS is definitely one of the biggest pros for the 3G models of the iPad. With an internal GPS, the iPad can be a great navigation tool for your car's dashboard. So, what can you do to get GPS on the iPad 2 without a 3G connection?

A new report claims that you can use the iPhone's data connection through tethering to enable GPS functionality on the iPad...

iOS 4.3 Personal Hotspot Feature Will Only Support 3 Simultaneous Devices

With Apple officially seeding iOS 4.3 GM to developers yesterday, Cupertino also updated its site with details regarding features the upcoming iOS 4.3 software brings. As we mentioned earlier this week, one of the features iOS 4.3 will finally bring is the long-awaited Personal Hotspot feature to AT&T iPhone 4 owners.

Although Verizon's version of the iPhone 4 Personal Hotspot feature supports five simultaneous devices, once AT&T iPhone 4 owners get the iOS 4.3 update, they will only be able to connect three devices at once.

MyWi “OnDemand” Brings Intelligent Hotspot Functionality to the iPhone

MyWi is an incredibly popular Cydia app that allows jailbreakers to have a heavily customizable mobile hotspot with their iPhone's 3G connection. We here at iDB love MyWi, and it's definitely been a staple of what the jailbreak scene has to offer for quite some time.

Intelliborn, the company behind MyWi, recently added a new feature to the popular hotspot app called "OnDemand." The purpose of MyWi OnDemand is to create a smarter mobile hotspot on the iPhone.

MyWi OnDemand will study the behavior of the devices connected to your hotspot, and connect or disconnect when you need it to...

AT&T to Offer an Extra 2GB Free to Tethering Customers

If the fact that AT&T revamping its text messaging plans and that they recently slapped Verizon in the face isn't an indication that the war for the iPhone between USA's 2 biggest carriers is on, then maybe this piece of news will make you think otherwise.

In a not-so-surprising move, AT&T announced today via a press release that they will be offering 2GB of data transfer for free to any of their tethering customers. Up until now, the $20/month tethering plan from AT&T didn't include any additional data, meaning that you were basically tapping into your data plan allocation to cover your tethering needs...

A Closer Look at The Verizon iPhone’s ‘Personal Hotspot’

Yesterday, the Verizon iPhone was announced. Not much is different; there is a new CDMA antenna and mobile hotspot feature coined as "Personal Hotspot." This new (currently) Verizon-specific iPhone feature mimics popular jailbreak utilities like MyWi.

Personal Hotspot will be a new, pre-installed software feature for the Verizon brand of iOS. This mobile hotspot feature has been available on most Android phones for quite some time. Some more details have surfaced about Personal Hotspot...

Synchronicity 2.0 Released, Better Than Ever

Synchronicity is a popular jailbreak mod that allows you to use your iPhone while it's syncing with iTunes. Instead of being stuck with a lock screen while your iPhone is syncing with your computer, Synchronicity allows you to run apps, make calls, etc. Basically anything is fair game, except for the iPod app (to prevent data corruption with iTunes).

This mod has been a favorite of ours since it was released back in August; it even made it pretty far up our "Top 10 Jailbreak Apps for 2010" list. If you don't have Synchronicity, you should.

Synchronicity was recently updated to 2.0 status. The mod was already super lightweight and unobtrusive, but 2.0 makes it even better with a design tweak and some enhancements...

5 Practical Jailbreak Apps That Should Be in Every iPhone Owner’s Tool Belt

We here at iDB love us some good jailbreak apps and tweaks, but there are few that stand out when you take into account sheer practicality.

For example, say you're trying to find your keys in a dark place, or need to know where to position the jumper cables on your stalled car during the cold the night hours? No sweat, you always have a flashlight with you; thanks to your iPhone and SpringFlash.

Did your favorite app make the cut? Are you totally prepared for whatever situation may confront you in a dire time of need? Are we making this way too suspenseful? Check inside and find the answer...

New Router Turns Your iPhone Into a Wifi Hotspot [No Jailbreak Required]

When I saw this article on Gizmodo titled "Turn Your iPhone Into a WiFi Router Without Jailbreaking", I had some serious hopes and expectations for what I was going to read. I imagined a device that would basically do what MyWi does to your iPhone, without having to jailbreak.

In a sense, the Nexaira Business Class II 3G/4G Wireless Broadband Router does just that. By plugging your iPhone into the router, you can instantly create a secure wifi hotspot using the 3G connection from your phone, and share this connection with around devices up to 200 feet around you...

CoBrowser Allows You to Share a Webpage From Your iPhone to Another iDevice

Ever wanted to share a webpage from your iPhone to another iDevice or to a friend's iPad who is sitting in the same room? Now you can with CoBrowser by Collect3.

CoBrowser allows your iPhone to download an entire webpage images and all to your iPhone and then share it via Bluetooth to any other iDevice such as an iPod Touch or iPad. The nice thing is the other devices don't even need to have an internet connection because they pull it from your iPhone directly.

What Features Will Never Come to the iPhone?

Reality can suck sometimes. As bad as the truth can be however it is usually almost always best to come to terms with certain aspects of reality. As far as this piece is concerned it's iPhone's reality.

We always spend lots of time trying to dig through the rumors when a new iPhone or version of iOS is released and pinpoint the newest features. What we spend comparatively less time on is coming clean on what features we know the iPhone will never get..