CoBrowser Allows You to Share a Webpage From Your iPhone to Another iDevice

Ever wanted to share a webpage from your iPhone to another iDevice or to a friend’s iPad who is sitting in the same room? Now you can with CoBrowser by Collect3.

CoBrowser allows your iPhone to download an entire webpage images and all to your iPhone and then share it via Bluetooth to any other iDevice such as an iPod Touch or iPad. The nice thing is the other devices don’t even need to have an internet connection because they pull it from your iPhone directly.

CoBrowser can be especially handy at meetings when you need to share a webpage with multiple iDevices for viewing or collaborating on ideas or data. CoBrowser is the closest thing to iDevice tethering to come through the App Store without actually violating the no tethering rules. Best of all CoBrowser is a universal app so it runs on all iDevices so you only need to buy it once.

I am sure as time goes on people will find more and more uses for CoBrowser and it is an extremely nicely developed app. CoBrowser is currently selling for the reduced price of $1.99 in the App Store so you may want to grab it before the price goes up.

Do you have a use for CoBrowser? Let us know in the comments.