MyWi “OnDemand” Brings Intelligent Hotspot Functionality to the iPhone

MyWi is an incredibly popular Cydia app that allows jailbreakers to have a heavily customizable mobile hotspot with their iPhone’s 3G connection. We here at iDB love MyWi, and it’s definitely been a staple of what the jailbreak scene has to offer for quite some time.

Intelliborn, the company behind MyWi, recently added a new feature to the popular hotspot app called “OnDemand.” The purpose of MyWi OnDemand is to create a smarter mobile hotspot on the iPhone.

MyWi OnDemand will study the behavior of the devices connected to your hotspot, and connect or disconnect when you need it to…

The official description from Intelliborn says,

“Create an iPad to iPhone connection On Demand! Having to turn on and off a hotspot gets old quickly when you’re doing it all the time, as when you share your iPhone’s 3G connection with a WiFi-Only iPad. Instead, MyWi OnDemand connects when you need it, and disconnects when you don’t.

When you leave your WiFi connection at home and you’re using the iPad, the iPad will connect automatically. When you turn your iPad screen off, or go back where you have WiFi, MyWi OnDemand will disconnect. After a simple pairing, everything works automatically! Will work with 3G/3GS/4 iPhones/iPod Touches (3.1.2+) and iPad (3.2+).”

If you use MyWi regularly throughout your day, you know how frustrating it can be to have to remember to turn your the app’s hotspot on and off. When MyWi is running, your iPhone’s battery drains super fast.

This new method of automatic detection in MyWi OnDemand will save lots of battery life and MBs in data usage.

Check out Intelliborn’s promo video for MyWi OnDemand,

One more thing about MyWi OnDemand: it’s going to cost you. If you haven’t already purchased MyWi 4.0, that will be $20.00 in Cydia. MyWi OnDemand is a $5 upgrade from the standard version of MyWi 4.0.

Don’t forget that iOS 4.3 is supposed to bring the Verizon iPhone’s native “Personal Hotspot” feature to AT&T as well. MyWi is still a viable jailbreak replacement without a monthly fee.

What do you think about MyWi OnDemand? Does it sound like something useful for you?