AT&T to Offer an Extra 2GB Free to Tethering Customers

If the fact that AT&T revamping its text messaging plans and that they recently slapped Verizon in the face isn’t an indication that the war for the iPhone between USA’s 2 biggest carriers is on, then maybe this piece of news will make you think otherwise.

In a not-so-surprising move, AT&T announced today via a press release that they will be offering 2GB of data transfer for free to any of their tethering customers. Up until now, the $20/month tethering plan from AT&T didn’t include any additional data, meaning that you were basically tapping into your data plan allocation to cover your tethering needs…

Needless to say that this move is a straight shot at Verizon who will start offering the iPhone next week, and who already has a very similar tethering offer. If like many you don’t want to pay these ridiculous fees for tethering, MyWi is still your best bet.

On top of that, AT&T will start offering a Mobile Hostpost option to its customers. From what I understand from the press release, this will only be available for the HTC Inspire 4G at first, but I assume it will come to the iPhone rapidly as, once again, Verizon will be offering such a service to its iPhone customers.

In short, this is good news for consumers. It’s amazing how a little bit of competition can fuel aggressive marketing strategies. We’re all about it.

Bring on the war!