AT&T Makes Good on Rumored Texting Plan Changes

A couple of weeks ago, we reported on some rumored changes that AT&T was planning for their texting plans.

It was said that the main reason for the change was to “simplify” their texting plans. Coincidentally, this change comes just prior to the iPhone’s arrival on Verizon.

Simply put, AT&T is looking to capitalize on any and every advantage it possibly can as a way to help combat a potential mass exodus to Verizon.

If you were looking forward to the changes with the texting plan, we’ve got some good news; it looks like AT&T followed through with their plans…

The old messaging plans looked like this:

The new plans look like this:

I guess this can be either good news or bad news, depending on your specific situation. If you fell in the sweet spot between 200 and 1000 messages, then you’ll save yourself $5 a month.

But if you fell between 1000 and 1500, prepare to pay $5 for unlimited, or either curb your texting habits. There’s no way you’ll want to cough up a $0.10 per message overage charge.

Personally, I prefer the simplified setup. It’s not going to save me any money, but I could see where it would for a lot of other folks.

What do you think?