Notification Center

See more incoming notification content at a glance with MoreLinesNotifications

Whenever you receive long text messages or emails, iOS automatically limits the amount of text that displays inside of your incoming notifications. In most cases, this means unlocking your device to read the entire message rather than reading it from the Lock screen notification preview.

A new free jailbreak tweak called MoreLinesNotifications by iOS developer CydiaGeek tries to solve this problem by maximizing the amount of text that each incoming notification displays.

PullToClear lets you clear pending notifications with a pull gesture

PullToClear is a new free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer CreatureSurvive that lets you quickly and effortlessly every unread notification from either Notification Center or the Lock screen.

Once installed, you can pull down from either interface to reveal the hidden “Pull To Clear” action, as shown above. Pulling down further reveals the “Release To Clear” action.

NotificationXI brings iOS 11-style notification banners to jailbroken iOS 10 devices

Countless jailbreak tweaks can help make your iOS 10 device look and feel more like it’s running iOS 11, and now you can add a new free release called NotificationXI by iOS developer Squ1dd13 to that list.

From the screenshot examples above, you can discern how NotificationXI does away with the two-tone look of iOS 10's incoming notification banners. Instead, it carries over the headerless single-tone style you would expect to see in iOS 11.

This tweak lets you customize the Notification Center header text

Anyone still rocking a jailbroken iOS 10 device regardless of the possibility of an iOS 11 jailbreak in the not-too-distant future will be happy to know that some developers continue to make jailbreak tweaks for iOS 10.

One of the latest releases is NotificationsHeaderCustomText by iOS developer CydiaGeek, and as the name implies, this tweak lets you customize Notification Center's header text string, as shown above.

NotificationCenterXI ports the iOS 11 Notification Center experience to jailbroken devices

iOS 11 brings with it a whole host of changes, and one of the most notable right off the bat is the updated look and feel for Notification Center. Unfortunately for jailbreakers, upgrading is out of the question.

If you fall into that category, then new free jailbreak tweak dubbed NotificationCenterXI (iOS 10) by iOS developer LaughingQuoll might interest you. It ports the iOS 11 Notification Center experience to jailbroken devices, allowing jailbreakers to have their cake and eat it too.

Miss Priority Hub because you’re on iOS 10? Try Atmos

One of my long-time favorite jailbreak tweaks for organizing my incoming notifications is Priority Hub, but the tweak was never updated to support iOS 10. If you’re in the same boat and miss this classic tweak, then you might want to try a new release called Atmos by iOS developer Antique.

After you install Atmos, your notifications are grouped by app both on the Lock screen and in Notification Center. With this sort of organization, you can focus on what’s important rather than looking at a chaotic menagerie of mixed notifications.

Center the Today page’s date indicator with this tweak

The Today page, accessible in both Notification Center and Spotlight, typically displays the date above all the widgets you've enabled. On stock devices, the date is aligned to the right.

While the right-aligned date doesn't look bad, having a centered date doesn't look too bad either, and with a new free jailbreak tweak called CenteredDate by iOS developer dahamtob, you can center Today page's date indicator for a more aesthetically-pleasing effect.

NCLink10 groups inbound notifications by app and lets you collapse them

In the most recent iterations of iOS, inbound notifications on the Lock screen and in Notification Center aren't displayed as pleasantly as they once were in older versions. App-based notification groups and the ability to collapse certain groups have gone missing.

With a new jailbreak tweak called NCLink10 by iOS developer HiDaN, you can resurrect these feature on even the latest iterations of iOS.