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New to iPhone? How to use the Today View and Notification Center

Using Today View Notification Center iPhone

When you just get your first iPhone, you’ll find that it’s super easy to use. It has a nicely organized Home screen and a simple way to find your Settings. But there are little tips and tricks that can take a while to learn, like how to use your Today View and Notification Center effectively.

That’s why iDB is here to help with our "New to iPhone" series. If you fall into the new iPhone user group, this series, along with this article, are for you. Here’s how to use the Today View and Notification Center on your iPhone.

New to iPhone? How to adjust your iPhone Notification settings

customize iPhone notifications screen

If there’s one handy thing about having a mobile device it's the notification feature. From emails and calendar events to when it’s your turn to play on Word Chums, you can have alerts set up for about any app.

If you just switched over from Android and are completely new to iPhone, then knowing how to adjust your notifications, and what all of the options mean, will help you enjoy your device much more. We’re here to help with a how-to for adjusting your iPhone notifications.

Customize iOS’ various system text strings with Label

As you use iOS, you’ll come to notice a variety of labels throughout the user interface that display redundant or non-useful information, such as the Status Bar's carrier text, the Lock screen’s ‘Press home to open’ text string, and Notification Center’s ‘No New Notifications’ text.

If you aren’t jailbroken, then you can’t customize any of these labels, but if you are, then you can take advantage of a newly-released and free jailbreak tweak called Label by iOS developer archergs to do just that.

Centaur supercharges Notification Center with modules and other new features

There’s no better place in iOS to look for missed notifications than the Notification Center itself, but you wouldn’t be alone if you thought that the native Notification Center interface could benefit from a facelift.

If you’re in the market for a refreshed Notification Center interface, then you just might come to appreciate a newly-released jailbreak tweak called Centaur by iOS developer Muirey03. Centaur reimagines Notification Center by incorporating a slew of useful features like Control Center toggles, device information, and music controls, to name a few:

This tweak can customize Notification Center’s ‘No Older Notifications’ text

Apple designed iOS’ Notification Center to display the text string ‘No Older Notifications’ if you don’t have any pending notifications that you haven’t already acknowledged. But isn’t it obvious enough that you don’t have any older notifications if Notification Center isn’t displaying any?

Given the apparent redundancy on Apple’s part, iOS developer YaYPIXXO has released a new free jailbreak tweak called CustomNoOlderNotifications that lets users modify Notification Center’s ‘No Older Notifications’ text string to display anything they want.

Essentials: An all-in-one SpringBoard customization tweak for iOS 11 and 12

If you’re jailbroken on iOS 11 or iOS 12 and looking for the ultimate one-stop-shop jailbreak tweak to customize the bulk of your operating system’s primary aesthetic and function, then you’re sure to take a particular liking to a new jailbreak tweak release called Essentials by iOS developer Adam Seiter.

Essentials provides a long list of options for iPhone and iPad users, much like the original classic that we’ve all come to know and love called Springtomize. On the other hand, Essentials supports the latest jailbreakable versions of iOS, whereas Springtomize hasn’t been officially updated since the golden days of the iOS 10 jailbreak.

NCGrabberInfo: An actually useful Notification Center grabber for jailbroken devices

A lot of times when playing full-screen games on my iPhone, I wonder what time it is or how much battery life I have left. It’s inconvenient to pause my game to peek at Control Center or swipe out of the app to glance at the Status Bar, and so I was particularly excited when I saw a new free jailbreak tweak called NCGrabberInfo by iOS developer Antique.

With this tweak, you can grab a peek at both the time and your handset’s remaining battery life even when you’re enjoying a full-screen game; and the best part is, you don’t need to stop playing or leave the app to do it.

LendMyPhone 3 brings a full-fledged guest mode to your jailbroken iOS 13 device

Unlike Apple’s Mac lineup, the company’s iOS devices don’t offer a native ‘guest mode.’ This is a crying shame for anyone who wants to share their device with someone else while keeping the peace of mind that the other person won’t be peering through any personal data.

Fortunately, jailbreakers have long had the option of installing guest mode-centric jailbreak tweaks, and LendMyPhone 3 by iOS developers Luke Muris and Geometric Software offers one of the slickest guest mode interfaces we’ve seen yet.

DashBored: A tweak to reduce your boredom with the iPhone’s Dashboard interface

Your iPhone’s Lock screen and Notification Center are each home to a specialized interface for displaying the date and time along with a list of information notifications – this interface is known as the Dashboard.

That said, if you’re feeling a bit bored with the stock look and feel of the Dashboard, then perhaps you should try a new free jailbreak tweak called DashBored (pun intended) by iOS developer Smokin1337. As shown in the screenshot examples above, this tweak lets you customize the Dashboard’s colors, font, notifications, text, and much more.

NCFancy replaces the ‘No Notifications’ text in iOS 10’s Notification Center with storage info

While most of the jailbreak community migrated to iOS 11 several months ago, those still rocking the iOS 10 jailbreak will be excited to learn of a new free jailbreak tweak in town called NCFancy by iOS developer Wh0ba.

NCFancy was explicitly designed for iOS 10 users, and as depicted in the screenshot example above, it replaces Notification Center’s useless ‘No Notifications’ text with something you might appreciate more – a pair of widgets that display your handset’s storage capacity usage.

StackXI brings iOS 12’s stacked notification system to jailbroken iOS 11 handsets

Apple’s iOS 12 update brought several changes to the company’s mobile operating system, but perhaps my favorite of those is the new grouped notification feature that keeps your Lock screen and Notification Center interfaces free of unwanted clutter.

While this feature was initially native to iOS 12, those sporting jailbroken iOS 11 devices can now enjoy a similar notification grouping feature with a new free jailbreak tweak called StackXI by iOS developer Ominousness.

How to deliver Apple Watch notifications quietly

Your Apple Watch makes it easy to triage unwanted notifications as soon as they hit your wrist. Starting with watchOS 5, you can elect to have notifications from a specific app delivered quietly. With quiet delivery, the notification goes straight to your Notification Center on Apple Watch and its associated iPhone, without showing up on the watch display or making a sound. This is a great way to stop those annoying or unwanted alerts without needing to fiddle with your notification settings in the companion Watch app on iPhone.