Video: Every new watch face and new Apple Watch feature in watchOS 9

Watch this video if you’d like to see every new Apple Watch face and watchOS 9 feature in action, including updates to sleep, health and fitness tracking.

  • The watchOS 9 update includes new dynamic watch faces, such as Astronomy, with our hands-on video walking you through all of them.
  • Not interested in watch faces? Fair enough, but you may want to watch our in-depth video nevertheless as it also covers new watchOS 9 features such as updates to sleep tracking, health/fitness improvements and more.
  • watchOS 9 is launching this fall for the Apple Watch Series 4 and newer.

Video: New watch faces and features in watchOS 9

watchOS 9 brings three brand new watch faces: Metropolitan, Playtime and Lunar. But that’s not where improvements to watch faces stop as the software enhances Apple’s other existing watch faces like Astronomy, Modular and Portrait in ways more than one. Changes are also coming to the Modular, Modular Compact and X-Large watch faces. On top of that, watchOS 9 adds advances to Apple’s wearable platform in terms of sleep-tracking functions, as well as health and fitness improvements. Read: How to change, customize and manage Apple Watch faces

WatchOS 9: Does it support your Apple Watch?

A young person interacts with the new Playtime watch face in the watchOS 9 update using an Apple Watch Series 7 on their wrist
watchOS 9 packs three brand new watch faces | Image: Michael Billig / iDB

With watchOS 9, you lose a year of compatibility because it removes support for the Apple Watch Series 3 model. The official watchOS 9 system requirements state that you’ll need an Apple Watch Series 4 or later to install watchOS 9 (certain advanced features still require newer models). Read: How to save battery on the Apple Watch