Apple TV+ teases September 17 second season premiere of ‘The Morning Show’ with new trailer

Before the end of 2019, we heard the majority of Apple’s first slate of Apple TV+ series had been renewed for a second season. That included the drama The Morning Show, which stars Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Billy Crudup. And now, we know when we’ll finally get to watch it.

Earlier today, Apple TV+ released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming second season of the critically-acclaimed drama. It measures in at just over two minutes in length. However, it is just a teaser trailer, so it’s essentially a sizzle reel giving us glimpses of what we’ll see in the new season.

There’s not a lot of story to go around, but we do get plenty of looks at the cast. That includes the aforementioned trio, but also new faces like Hasan Minhaj, Julianna Margulies, and Greta Lee. Unsurprisingly, it’s all very dramatic. Especially when we get to see the return of Steve Carell.

There’s an air of mystery to the overall story here, which makes sense. Even the description Apple included with the teaser trailer does absolutely nothing to tell us what’s going on. However, co-star Mark Duplass said previously that the second season of the drama underwent significant rewrites to reflect a shift in story. The reason? To address the coronavirus pandemic.

Here’s what Duplass said at the time:

We shot two episodes before we shut down due to the pandemic,” he told Deadline following the Emmy nominations announcement on Tuesday, “but I know that they’re also rewriting, which is crazy because that’s what happened in the first season. They had a whole set of scripts [then] and they rewrote everything to include the #MeToo movement, and now we’ve got other, larger, global phenomenon to deal with. I don’t know what they’re doing but I know they’re rewriting.

So, we know the pandemic is definitely going to be a major focal point, among the other storylines running through the second season. Are you looking forward to checking out the second season of The Morning Show when it premieres on Apple TV+ September 17, 2021?