Tips and tricks for getting started with your Apple AirTags

AirTags, Apple’s personal item trackers, have been used for all sorts of purposes, ranging from tracking checked luggage, children and pets (Apple says you shouldn’t be doing that) to tracking your personal belongings, such as car keys or your AirPods, to using these tiny accessories as parked car locators, anti-theft bike trackers and beyond.

In this quick hands-on video walkthrough, our videographer Harris Craycraft shares some handy tips for getting started with your Apple item locators. The seven-minute video covers everything from pairing an AirTag with your iPhone or iPad to customizing the AirTag settings to using the Find My app for tracking your AirTags and so forth.

If you have purchased AirTags for yourself, we’d love to hear about your experience.

Has it been everything you’ve been looking for thus far? Would you change anything about the AirTag, remove or add a feature perhaps? How’s Precision Tracking been for you?

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