How to update the software on your AirTag

Learn how to update your AirTag to the most recent firmware in order to get the latest features and fixes, plus how to check its firmware version and see what’s new.

A closeup photograph of an Apple AirTag being held between a person's thumb and index finger, with the tracker's stainless steel back exposed to the camera
Image credit: Thai Nguyen / Unsplash

About stealthy AirTag updates

Non-Apple accessories from other companies that support Apple’s Find My network can be managed through the Find My app on your iPhone, iPad and Mac. This includes being able to manually update the software powering a compatible third-party device by selecting it underneath the Find My app’s “Items” tab. If there’s new software available, you’ll see an “Update Available” button. Tapping it forces a manual update outside of the regular schedule for automatic updates (if you don’t see the button, then the item is up to date). Strangely enough, the AirTag does not support downloading and installing firmware updates through the Find My app.

How to update the software on your AirTag

AirTag software updates are downloaded and installed automatically by the iOS operating system when the following conditions are met:

  1. Your AirTag is in the Bluetooth range of its connected iPhone
  2. The connected iPhone is running iOS 14.5 or later

There’s no way to manually force an update of the software powering your AirTag, and Apple spells it out in black and white. “Firmware updates are delivered periodically while your AirTag is in Bluetooth range of your iPhone,” Apple notes.

How to check the AirTag firmware version

Apple's Find My app is shown on this featured image, with the current battery level of the selected AirTag shown annotated on the iPhone screenshot
Touching the battery icon for your AirTag reveals its serial and firmware numbers.

You can check the current version of your AirTag’s firmware, as well as check out its serial number, by hitting its battery icon in the Find My app.

  1. Open the Find My app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.
  2. In the Find My app hit the “Items” tab at the bottom.
  3. Choose the AirTag you want to see more details about.
  4. Now touch the tiny battery icon below your AirTag’s location.

Doing so will reveal the AirTag’s current firmware version and serial number.

How to see what’s new in AirTag firmware

There is no outward-facing software update mechanism for AirTag updates. As we said, the AirTag firmware is delivered completely autonomously. You won’t see any message to confirm that your AirTag has been updated nor will you be presented with the changelog. But that doesn’t mean Apple won’t let you see official release notes for AirTag updates—simply visit Apple’s support document covering all the changes, fixes and new features that are included in AirTag software updates. For instance, Apple recently bumped the AirTag software to version 1.0.301 but you wouldn’t be able to tell what’s new were it not for this helpful document. According to it, the update “tunes the unwanted tracking sound to locate an unknown AirTag more easily.” Read: 3 ways to find the GPS coordinates of any location on an iPhone

Stop worrying if your AirTag is up to date

It would’ve been nice had Apple provided us with some kind of a visible interface for AirTag updates. In reality though, most folks will appreciate not having to deal with manually updating their AirTags. But it would be nice if there were some kind of an outward-facing user interface to tell the user not only that a new AirTag update is available but also list the changes as well as seek user permission before installing it. Bottom line: Don’t you worry about software updates for your AirTags, Apple will automatically deliver them when ready. Please follow iDownloadBlog to keep tabs on Apple news and learn about any changes and new features included in new firmware for your AirTag. Read: How to check the AirTag battery charge