Apple launches AirTag firmware version 1.0.301 without release notes

Apple is now rolling out an updated AirTag firmware but has yet to provide release notes about the update itself so it’s unclear for the time being what’s new or fixed.

A promotional image from Apple showing the back and front of the AirTag personal item tracker with a smiley emoji engraved

  • Apple updates AirTag firmware bringing it up to version 1.0.301, up from 1.0.291.
  • What’s new? Who knows. Apple has not provided release notes for the update.
  • The update will roll out in phases, reaching all AirTags by May 13.

What’s new in AirTag firmware 1.0.301?

The update is now rolling out to users. We don’t know if it contains any new features, improvements or fixes because Apple does not provide release notes for AirTag software updates. Watch this space as we’ll be letting you know about the contents of the AirTag 1.0,301 update as soon as new information becomes available. Read: How to correctly read AirTag’s NFC tag with iPhone or Android

How to update the software on your AirTag

Apple’s Software Update mechanism is used to deliver software updates for many of its products, but the tiny personal item tracker isn’t one of them. Like with AirPods, there’s no way to force an update. You just have to wait until the update is ready and trust that your AirTag will automatically update itself, eventually.

How to check your AirTag firmware number

You can use the Find My app to check the version number of the software that’s currently running on your AirPod, but this isn’t so obvious.

  1. Open the Find My app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.
  2. Choose the tab labeled “Items.”
  3. Select the AirTag you’d like to see more details about.
  4. Hit the battery icon below the AirTag name to reveal the firmware version.

Actually, you can hit anywhere in this area and the text will change to show the version number.

Why am I not getting this update?

Apple’s software updates are released in stages rather than to all users at once. This lets Apple react swiftly and pull a problematic update before it has managed to reach all devices in the wild. AirTag updates are no different in that regard.

AppleSWUpdates notes on Twitter that the new firmware will first hit one percent of users by Thursday before reaching ten percent of users on May 3 and 25 percent by May 9. The rollout should be complete by May 13. If your trackers are at version 1.0.301, then they’re already running Apple’s latest software. If not, wait until May 3 and you should be up to date. Read: How to find your HomePod serial number