How to print certain events or events in a time range in Calendar on Mac

You can use the Calendar app for more than business meetings or doctor’s appointments. You might use it to set up a vacation itinerary, class schedule, or conference agenda. And with this, you can easily print the exact events you need and use a date or time range.

What’s nice about the print options for Calendar on Mac is the flexibility. Print a certain view or a list, choose which even types to include, and select the timeframe. For those occasions when you want a physical schedule of events in your hand, here’s how to print specific items and by time in the Calendar app.

Set up the print options

You have the option in Calendar to select what you want to print ahead of time. For example, if you only want to print selected events for a time period, you can. Or you can print all events displayed within a timeframe. The choice is yours!

Print specific events

To print only certain events, select them in Calendar. You can select multiple events by holding your Command key as you click each one. Now, click File > Print from the menu bar.

1) Click the View drop-down box and choose Selected Events.

2) Optionally select a Paper size.

3) Check the Options you want to display. These include showing a Mini Calendar and Calendar Keys along with printing in Black and White.

4) Pick the Text size from small, medium, or big.

5) Click Continue.

Print Selected Events in Calendar on Mac

You’ll then be on the printer options screen where you can choose your printer, number of copies, and pages to print. Make your adjustments and hit Print when you’re ready.

Print events in a time range

To print all events in a timeframe, you can set everything up in the print area without selecting anything in Calendar first. Go directly to click File > Print in the menu bar.

1) Click the View drop-down box and choose Day, Week, Month, or List. Depending on the timeframe you choose the Time Range and Options beneath will adjust.

2) Optionally select a Paper size.

3) Use the Time Range section to pick the timing for what you want to print using the Starts and Ends settings. This gives you a lot of flexibility to print exactly what you need corresponding to the View you select in Step 1.

Print Specific Day Events in Calendar on Mac

4) Choose the Calendars for the events you want to print.

5) Check the boxes for the Options you want to display. These vary depending on your View too. For instance, if you print a Day view you can include details like phone numbers. If you print a Week or Month view, you can choose to see all-day events.

6) Each View lets you choose the Text size for your printed material.

7) Click Continue and then select your printer options.

Print Week Events in Calendar on Mac

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Wrapping it up

If you want physical copy of your agenda for yourself, need to leave your schedule with the babysitter, or prefer your class schedule in hand as you walk through campus, the Calendar on Mac gives you the print options you need to make it happen. Are you going to take advantage of it?

For zipping around your schedule quickly, check out these keyboard shortcuts for Calendar on Mac.