How to email or message Calendar event participants

When you create an event in Calendar, you can easily attach files, notes, and even links. Plus, you can add these types of items after you set up the initial event. But that doesn’t guarantee your participants will notice these additions. Sometimes, sending a message ahead of the event is the way to go.

You may not realize it, but the Calendar app on Mac gives you a simple way to email or message all event participants at once. So you can send an email with file or message them with important details ahead of time. Here, we’ll show you how to use this somewhat hidden feature in Calendar.

Email or message event participants in Calendar

You don’t have to open a Calendar event and copy/paste all of the participants into an email or message. Nor do you have to create a message and add every invitee one at a time.

1) Open the Calendar on Mac.

2) Right-click the event in Day, Week, or Month view.

3) Select either Mail All Participants or Message All Participants.

Email or Message All Participants for a Calendar Event on Mac

Depending on the option you pick, you’ll either get an email set up in Mail or a text message in Messages with everyone in the To line ready for you to hit Send.

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Wrapping it up

The next time you want to send a file for review, link to a site, or have a discussion ahead of an event, remember this tip for contacting your event participants in Calendar on Mac.

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