How to use Superzoom for your Instagram story

Instagram offers some nifty features for creating your stories. You can use Multi-Capture to snap several photos on the spot or use PhotoBooth for four quick selfies of yourself or you and your friends. Along with these options is another feature called Superzoom.

Superzoom is pretty much what the name implies. You capture a short video that automatically zooms in to the center without you lifting a finger. This is a cool way to show objects in a landscape, faces on people, or food on a plate. Whatever your next Instagram story, see how to use Superzoom for a neat effect.

Use Superzoom for a story on Instagram

Open the Instagram app on your iPhone and follow these steps to use Superzoom.

1) Tap the plus sign at the bottom and swipe to the right to select Story.

2) On the side of the story screen, tap Superzoom. If you only see icons, you can enable the labels by  tapping the arrow at the bottom of the list to expand it.

3) Select an effect which displays an accompanying visual and dramatic sound.

4) Tap the spot on the screen you want to zoom in on, then tap the shutter button to capture the video for your story.

Instagram Superzoom

When you finish, you can review and share your story as you normally would.

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Wrapping it up

If you plan to capture video for an Instagram story, check out the Superzoom feature for something a little different and let us know what you think of the feature below!