How to add music to your Instagram story

A while back, Instagram announced the ability to add music to your stories. And if you jumped onto that cool feature, then this isn’t anything new to you. But if you’re just starting to use Instagram or simply use it more than before, you can take advantage of it to make more memorable stories.

You can search or browse for a song from Instagram’s collection for one that fits. With flexibility and options, adding music to your Instagram stories is simple, here’s how to do it.

Add music to your Instagram story

You can add a song to your Instagram story easily after you create it. So, snap your photos, capture video, use effects, and whatever else you want for your story. Then, do the following to add music.

1) When you finish setting up your story, tap the Sticker icon at the top.

2) Select the Music sticker. It should be near the top, but if not, you can use the Search box to find it.

3) Browse for a song you want to use. You can use the For You and Browse tabs at the top or the Search box. Preview a song by pressing the play button to the right of it.

Instagram Tap the Music Sticker to Select Song

4) After you choose a song, it’ll pop into your story, but you can make some adjustments to it first.

  • Slide the scrub bar at the bottom to select the part of the song you want to use.
  • Tap the Clip Duration icon to pick how long you want the clip from five to 15 seconds.
  • Select a style for the font of the lyrics.
  • At the top, tap the icons in center to change the song or font color.

5) Tap Done when you finish. You can then continue to share or send your story as normal.

Instagram Adjust Music for a Story

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Wrapping it up

Music can a powerful creative tool. So if you think a song could tell your story along with what your followers see, be sure to give this feature a try and add music to your Instagram story. Will you?

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