Why and how to add alt text to your Instagram posts

Adding alt text to multiple Instagram photos

Adding alt text to your images can improve their accessibility, searchability, and overall engagement. In this article, we will explore the reasons why you should be adding alt text to your Instagram posts, as well as the proper methods for doing so whether you're uploading a new picture or updating an old one.

What are Instagram Notes and how to use them

Instagram Notes

One of the newest additions to Instagram (IG) is the ability to create a short 60-character text or emoji status that only people you follow back or who are in your Close Friends list can see. These statuses last for 24 hours and are automatically deleted after that.

Meta calls this feature Instagram Notes, and we'll tell you all about it. The steps here work in the Instagram app for your iPhone or Android phone!

How to turn off Instagram notifications about new Reels being shared

iPhone screen showing recently shared new Reels notification from Instagram with a Reels and bell icon in the background

Are you tired of Instagram notifying you of new Reels shared by someone else? It's no secret that Instagram does this to nudge you to open its app and spend time there. But in most cases, those recently shared new Reels may not be interesting and certainly not worth a notification alert pushed to your iPhone.

To address this, you can easily turn off Instagram notifications about new Reels being shared.