Instagram Stories

How to delete an Instagram story

Delete an Instagram Story on iPhone

You know that any story you create on Instagram is only visible for 24 hours. After that, it disappears from your profile. If you have the setting enabled, those stories can be moved to your Stories Archive so you can revisit and reshare them again or delete them for good. But if you want to remove an Instagram story before the time is up, you can certainly do that too.

Here, we’ll show you how to delete an active, archived, and promoted Instagram story.

How to use the Instagram Effect Gallery for stories

Blossoms Effect for an Instagram Story

We’ve shown you how to make your Instagram stories stand out with filters, text, stickers, and even music. But there’s one more built-in feature that can truly make those stories pop. The Effect Gallery in the Instagram app lets you add pizzazz that fits you and your story.

Add some sparkles to your night on the town, hearts to your sweetheart, or flowers to your pet. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use the Effect Gallery including seeing how other Instagrammers take advantage of it. You might just be inspired!

How to spruce up Instagram stories with filters, text, and more

Edit an Instagram Story with the Draw tool

Instagram offers some fun features for creating stories. You can use Multi-Capture for snapping several photos on the fly, include your favorite song, or use Superzoom for focusing on your subject. But there’s more!

From drawings to stickers to text, you can truly make your Instagram story memorable or meaningful. If you’re new to Instagram or simply haven’t taken the time to check out the story editing features, iDB is here to help. Here’s how to spruce up your next Instagram story with the app’s built-in editing tools.

How to use Superzoom for your Instagram story

Instagram Story with Superzoom

Instagram offers some nifty features for creating your stories. You can use Multi-Capture to snap several photos on the spot or use PhotoBooth for four quick selfies of yourself or you and your friends. Along with these options is another feature called Superzoom.

Superzoom is pretty much what the name implies. You capture a short video that automatically zooms in to the center without you lifting a finger. This is a cool way to show objects in a landscape, faces on people, or food on a plate. Whatever your next Instagram story, see how to use Superzoom for a neat effect.

How to use Story Highlights on Instagram

Instagram Story Highlight

Instagram introduced its Highlights feature for stories a while back. But if you’re a new Instagram user or simply never tried Highlights before, this how-to is for you.

As you probably know, Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours. But if you turn one into a Highlight, it stays on your profile until you remove it. This is a great way to give your followers more insight into who you are or what your business is all about.

Here, we’ll show you how to add, edit, and remove Story Highlights on Instagram.

How to use PhotoBooth for your Instagram story

Instagram PhotoBooth Countdown

Instagram offers some great features for creating memorable stories and posts. You can use Multi-Capture to quickly snap several photos for your story. And you can use PhotoBooth for that “photo booth” look, which is what we’ll walk through here.

Just like sitting in that photo booth at the mall, you can capture four pictures of you and your pals, pets, or just yourself. Then, add them to your Instagram story for something a little different. Here’s how to use the PhotoBooth feature in Instagram.