You can now share your TikTok Stories on Instagram and Facebook

TikTok’s new sharing feature allows you to easily repost your TikTok stories as stories on Instagram, Facebook and other rival social media networks.

iPhone in hand showing launching the TikTok app
Image: Solen Feyissa / Unsplash
  • What’s happening? TikTok has begun rolling out a new sharing feature that allows users to easily repost their TikTok stories as stories on rival social networks, including Meta-owned Instagram and Facebook.
  • Why care? This should help creators reach more people on rival social networks. Previsouly, they couldn’t repost their TikTok stories on Facebook and Instagram.
  • What to do? Update your copy of TikTok, then open your story and see if the new sharing features are available in the three-dotted menu. From there, choose to share your TikTok story as an Instagram story or a Facebook one.

You can now share your TikTok stories as stories on Facebook and Instagram

TechCrunch says this feature, uncovered by, should help TikTok creators reach more followers by making their content more visible across Meta’s social networking platforms. Read: How to jump forward and back on TikTok videos

Just don’t confuse it with reposted TikTok videos you see all over the place on Instagram (Meta has already said that it will downrank any reels which are cross-posted from TikTok by detecting watermarks). The new feature is strictly about reposting TikTok stories natively as stories on Instagram and Facebook.

The TikTok Stories feature is still tested

This feature is currently rolling out in stages. If you don’t see the new options for sharing to rival social networks, you might want to check back later. TikTok has just begun rolling this out globally so it may take some time for everyone to get it.

The company wouldn’t say when the global rollout might be complete. It could decide to pull the plug on this because the TikTok Stories feature is still in the testing phase. Read: How to narrate your TikTok videos with a synthetic voice

How to repost your TikTok story on Instagram or Facebook

Before we get to it, be sure to update your copy of TikTok [App Store link] manually by tapping your profile image in the App Store, then scroll down to see pending updates. If you see TikTok in the list, tap the Update button. You can also use search to land on the TikTok page to see if you can update the app.

With the updated app launched on your iPhone, go to your own story that you want to repost and hit the three-dotted menu. You’ll see familiar options which enable you to delete a story, save it as a video on your device or adjust its privacy settings.

You should also see a new row filled with icons of popular social networking apps, like Facebook and Instagram. For Instagram, specifically, you can choose Stories from the share menu to repost your TikTok story as an Instagram story. Other new options include sharing a story on Reddit and copying a link to the video.