Instagram Stories testing longer videos up to 60 seconds because TikTok and Snapchat

You’ll soon be able to publish Instagram Stories videos up to 60 seconds long, removing the current 30-second limitation for videos that appear within stories.

Post long videos to Instagram story


  • Instagram Stories is testing up to 60-second videos
  • Stories videos are currently capped at 15 seconds
  • TikTok and Snapchat both allow longer story videos

Is there a way to post longer Instagram Stories videos?

Social media consultant Matt Navarra says a Turkish user saw a splash screen informing them they could now upload a video up to sixty seconds long. “Discover longer stories,” it reads. “Videos up to 60 seconds will no longer be segmented.”

If the same splash screen didn’t show up in your Instagram app, then you’re not included in this test. Should this feature roll out to all users, you will at long last be able to upload a video up to one minute long without it being split into multiple stories.

The feature is currently being tested with a small number of users.

There are no guarantees that it’ll become available to all users. Instagram could delay or, ultimately, nix the feature in case of negative user feedback. But this is probably not going to happen given Instagram’s chief rivals, TikTok and Snapchat, both allow longer-than-15-seconds videos in their own stories.

For instance, TikTok has been experimenting with video lengths of up to 10 minutes.

Instagram Stories currently limits each individual story video to 15 seconds. While the user can add a video that’s longer than 15 seconds to their story, Instagram will automatically split the loner video into multiple stories, with each story hosting a 15-second video segment. Read: How to post longer videos to Instagram Stories

Other clues indicate the Meta-owned photo service may be also testing an updated Stories interface to make it easier to mention accounts or add a location to your story.