How to share Apple Music songs on Instagram and Facebook Stories

The Apple Music app on iPhone and iPad lets you share songs and albums to Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories in a beautiful, interactive manner. In this tutorial, we’ll quickly show you how to do that!

Share Apple Music song to Instagram on iPhone

Before you begin:

  • Make sure you have the Instagram or Facebook apps installed on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Music app is already pre-installed on all iOS and iPadOS devices. But if you deleted it, download it, before following the steps below.

How to share Apple Music songs on Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories

1) Open the Music app on your iPhone or iPad.

2) Find the song or album you want to share. Now, tap & hold the song name and choose Share Song.

Tap and hold a song to share it

You can also go to the Now Playing screen and tap the three dots icon > Share Song.

Share song from Now Playing Apple Music screen

3) Scroll the top list of app icons and tap Instagram or Facebook from here. If you don’t see these app icons, tap More > Edit and enable the switch for Instagram and Facebook. After that, tap Done > Done.

4) The app will generate an interactive story with the song or album name and a matching background. From here, use the regular Instagram tools to add text, stickers, etc.

5) When satisfied, tap Your story to push the story live.

Share Apple Music song to Instagram story

How will your followers listen to the songs you shared

  1. Your followers can tap Play on Apple Music from the top and hit Open Apple Music.
  2. After that, they can play that song or add it to their Apple Music library. Note: To do that, they should have an Apple Music subscription.
Play on Apple Music from Instagram Story

This feature is currently unsupported in the Music app for macOS.

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