Unable to delete apps on your iPhone? Try these fixes

Over recent weeks, a strange issue has popped up for some iPhone users. Not only are they unable to delete apps from their iPhone, but there is no Delete option whatsoever.

Normally, you can delete an app from your iPhone Home Screen with a long-press, Remove App > Delete App. Or, in your Settings under iPhone Storage. However, these users do not see the Delete App option in either spot.

If you or someone you know are experiencing this problem, we have two ways to fix this issue that have worked for others.

No Delete and Delete App Options on iPhone

Check your Screen Time settings

One thing you can check first are the Screen Time settings for disallowing the deletion of apps. Follow these steps to see if this is turned on.

1) Open Settings and select Screen Time.

2) Pick Content & Privacy Restrictions.

3) Select iTunes & App Store Purchases.

4) Near the top, see if Deleting Apps is set to Don’t Allow. If it is, tap it and pick Allow instead.

5) Tap the arrows on the top left to back out or simply close Settings.

Screen Time Dont Allow App Deletions

Now, try to delete the app you want and see if it works. If so, great! If not, continue reading.

Temporarily turn off Screen Time

For some unknown reason, turning off Screen Time altogether has worked for users. And you can simply disable the feature, head to the app you want to remove and the delete option should appear. Delete the app and then turn Screen Time back on.

To disable Screen Time, open Settings > Screen Time, scroll down and tap Turn Off Screen Time. Confirm the action by tapping Turn Off Screen Time once more.

Turn Off Screen Time and Confirm on iPhone

Wrapping it up

Hopefully either adjusting your Screen Time settings or disabling the feature temporarily gives you back the ability to delete apps on your iPhone until Apple fixes the problem for good. If neither of these fixes work for you and you’ve found another solution, please share it below! You can also let us know on Twitter if you prefer!