How to change the page layout for a book on Kindle Paperwhite

The nice thing about an eReader like the Kindle Paperwhite is that you aren’t stuck with how a book is formatted. You can adjust the font size and style, and to go along with that, you can change the spacing and margins. This makes reading without the need for reading glasses wonderful.

Here, we’ll show you how to adjust the page layout for a book on your Kindle Paperwhite.

Kindle Paperwhite kept on a table with a MacBook and iPhone kept nearby

Change the page layout on Kindle

Get your Kindle ready by waking it up, opening a book, and accessing the toolbar. You can make your changes while reading a book by opening the Page Display setting. From there, the rest is easy:

1) Access the toolbar by tapping near the top of the book you’re reading.

2) Tap Page Display on the left side of the toolbar under the Home button.

Kindle Toolbar Page Display

3) Select Font & Page Settings.

4) Pick the Page tab, and you’ll see that you can adjust the (line) spacing, margins, orientation, and alignment. Just tap to pick the styles you want to use for each.

Kindle Page Layout Options Portrait View

You should be able to see enough of your book in the background to notice the changes immediately. This lets you change them again if they don’t suit you. All the changes you make to the spacing, margins, orientation, and alignment will apply to all books you open moving forward too.

If you’re reading a book on your Kindle and feel that the lines are too close together or would prefer larger margins for easier reading, it takes only a minute to change these settings to your liking.

Are you going to take a look at different page layouts the next time you pick up a book on your Kindle Paperwhite? Let us know!

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