How to change your Kindle Paperwhite device name

My Kindle Change Device Name

Like with a phone or tablet, a Kindle Paperwhite has a device name that lets you easily identify it. And with that, there are several reasons that you may want to change the name of your Kindle. Maybe you have the original model and just purchased the newest one. Maybe you have a personal Kindle and another the whole family shares.

Whatever the case may be, your device name is key to setting it apart from the same or similar devices. This helps you to download content to the correct device. Here, we’ll show you how to change your Kindle Paperwhite device name.

Change the name on your device

The first and easiest way to change the name of your Kindle Paperwhite is right on the device itself. You’ll head to the Settings one of two ways. So hit the Home button in the toolbar and do one of the following.

  • Tap Settings in the toolbar and select All Settings.
  • Tap Menu (three dots or lines) on the top right and select Settings.

1) Once in the Settings, tap Your Account and choose Device Name.

2) Give your Kindle the name you want and tap Save.

3) You’ll then be back on the Settings screen and can tap the Home button in the toolbar to exit.

Change Kindle Device Name on Paperwhite

Change the name on Amazon

If you happen to be browsing for books on the Amazon website, you can change your Kindle device name there too. To head directly to the spot, click this link for Manage Your Content and Devices and then continue with Step 4 below. Otherwise, use these steps to navigate there.

1) Sign into your Amazon account and open the Accounts & Lists drop-down menu at the top.

2) Pick Your Content and Devices.

Amazon Your Content Devices

3) At the top, select the Devices tab.

4) Click the icon for your Kindle and then in the pop-out, click the name of the Kindle.

Amazon Devices Click your Kindle

5) In the Device Summary box, click Edit.

6) Change the Device Name and click Save.

Change Kindle Device Name on Amazon

Wrapping it up

Having unique names for your devices helps you tell them apart easily. So if you’re buying a new Kindle book on Amazon or need to make other changes to your device, that name will let you know you’re working with the correct device. Is this something that you make sure to do with your devices?

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