How to save a Safari webpage to Notes on Mac, iPhone, and iPad

Save From Safari to Notes on Mac

There’s no easier way to capture a note from Safari than with the Notes app. Whether you’re doing research for school or work, planning a trip or event, or just want to make note of an article, Apple’s integration makes it simple.

Here, we’ll show you how to share a Safari webpage to a new, existing, or pinned note on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Share a Safari page to Notes on Mac

You have two quick ways to add a Safari page to Notes on your Mac. So use whichever is most comfortable for you. And if you don’t see the Notes option, you may have to update your Mac Share Menu.

  • Click File > Share > Notes from the menu bar.
  • Click the Share button from your Safari toolbar and pick Notes.

You’ll see the link icon display in the note automatically. But you can type in more text above or below it if you like.

Next to Choose Note, you can select a spot for your note or add to an existing one.

  • Below New Note at the top of the pop-out, you can select one of your Folders. And from there you can pick a subfolder if you like. Conveniently, each pop-out has the New Note option right at the top.
  • Beneath Folders, you’ll see your Pinned notes indicated by the pin icon. So adding to one of those is a breeze.
  • Finally, you have the rest of your notes. You can add to a Shared note and those have a contact symbol next to them.
  • The only limitation you have is if you want to add to an existing Locked If you try, you’ll see that note is grayed out and thus un-clickable.
Choose a Notes Location in Safari on Mac

But for the most part, no matter where you want the note, a folder or subfolder, new or added to an existing, you’re covered.

If you have a lot of folders, subfolders, and notes, you can use the handy Search box to find one quickly.

Search for a Notes Location in Safari on Mac

Share a Safari page to Notes on iPhone and iPad

Sharing a page from Safari to Notes on your iPhone and iPad can be done as quickly and easily as on Mac. Tap the Share button and choose Notes in the second row of your Share Sheet. If you don’t see Notes, select More to add it or check out our how-to for updating your Share Sheet on iOS.

You can do a quick Save to send the note to your default Notes account with the link icon. Or, tap New Note and then find a folder or subfolder.

  • Each folder and subfolder has your notes sorted with Pinned at the top and the remaining Notes at the bottom.
  • Shared notes have the contact icon like on Mac and Locked notes are grayed out and cannot be selected.
  • The Create New Note button is at the bottom of each screen and the Search box is at the top.
Choose a Notes Location in Safari on iPhone

Wrapping it up

If there’s one thing that Apple is good at doing with its apps, it’s providing easy integration between them. So remember how easy it is to save webpages from Safari to the Notes app on iOS and Mac.

What tips do you have for using Safari or the Notes app that you’d like to share? Comment below or send us your suggestions on Twitter or Facebook!