How to create a PDF handout or outline of your Keynote slideshow

Handout PDF from Keynote

You can easily play a presentation and have ways to print a Keynote slideshow as well. But what if you want to save it in a useful layout and maybe send or share it that way?

Keynote offers a helpful Handout view that you can use for taking notes and an Outline layout that gives you the presentation in written form. You can save both of these views as PDF files. Then do with them what you wish, here’s how.

How to save files, photos, and attachments in Messages to your device

Save an Attachment in Messages on iPhone

The nice thing about Messages is that you can send more than texts. You can share photos or images and files or documents. And while you may be receiving one just for a quick look, it might be something you want to save.

It could be a photo of a faraway family member, a contract, an estimate for work, an invoice, a receipt, or something similar. These types of attachments are worth saving and maybe even necessary.

Here, we’ll show you how to save files, photos, and other attachments in Messages to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

How to export or print a text conversation from iPhone

Select All Texts in Messages on iPhone

There may be reasons that you want to save, export, or print a text conversation from your iPhone. It could be for a court appearance, pending complaint, other legal matter, or backup for future reference. And even though you may back up Messages on iPhone, there could be a particular conversation you want to be sure to capture.

Here, we’ll show you various ways to export or save your conversation which in turn can allow you to print it from your iPhone or computer.

How to save a Safari webpage to Notes on Mac, iPhone, and iPad

Save From Safari to Notes on Mac

There’s no easier way to capture a note from Safari than with the Notes app. Whether you’re doing research for school or work, planning a trip or event, or just want to make note of an article, Apple’s integration makes it simple.

Here, we’ll show you how to share a Safari webpage to a new, existing, or pinned note on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

How to select burst photos you want to keep in Photos on Mac

Bursts Album in Photos on Mac

We explained to new iPhone users what burst mode is in the Camera app and how to use it. And with that, we showed you how to review all of the photos you receive with burst mode and only keep those you want.

But what we didn’t mention is that you can review burst photos from your iPhone on your Mac too. This is convenient because you can review on a larger screen, gather family around your Mac to review together, or simply do it when you have more time.

Here’s how to select photos from burst mode on iPhone when using Photos on your Mac.

Ways to save an image from a webpage in Safari on Mac

Save Image Mac Safari iDB

If you need an image for a school essay, article, or research paper - or just for your own personal use - you have a few options to save it from Safari if you find one online.

Before we show you these options, it’s important to note limitations when downloading images from the web. Just because you find an image, doesn’t mean you are allowed to use it for the purpose you intend. For more on this topic, Search Engine Journal has a handy guide to using online images legally that you can review.

Now, it’s time to get to work. You can download an image to a folder, the Photos app on Mac, your desktop, or as your desktop background. You can also simply copy and image and paste it where you need it.

Here’s how to save an image from a webpage in Safari using all of these options.

How to save open Safari tabs as bookmarks on Mac

Save Tabs as Bookmarks Safari Mac

If you do a lot of research in Safari or simply visit a bunch of the same sites each day, you might want a quick way to save them all as bookmarks. Then, you can easily open them back up when you need to.

On your iPhone and iPad, you have an easy way to save your open Safari tabs as bookmarks. But what if you want to do this on your computer? Don’t worry, there’s a simple way save tabs as bookmarks in Safari on your Mac as well and this tutorial shows you how.