How to automatically move blocked emails to the trash in Mail

Move Blocked Sender Mail to the Trash on iPhone

It may seem odd that when you “block” an email sender in the Mail app that you still receive emails from them. How it works is that the email will still land in your inbox but be marked as blocked. You can then do what you like with the email. But most times you’re going to delete it, right? Otherwise, why block the sender in the first place if you want to see their emails?

Do you want to eliminate the need to take another action to remove those messages from your inbox? If so, here’s how to automatically move blocked Mail to the trash on both iOS and Mac.

Move blocked emails to the trash on iPhone and iPad

This is a simple adjustment that you can find in the Settings app on iOS. So open it up and then follow these steps to take care of those unwanted emails.

1) In Settings, select Mail.

2) Scroll down to the Threading section and tap Blocked Sender Options.

3) Choose Move to Trash.

4) Optionally you can use the toggle at the top to Mark Blocked Sender if you like. However, this setting is more convenient if you want to leave blocked emails in your inbox.

Move Blocked Mail to the Trash on iPhone

Tap the arrow at the top go exit these settings and the Mail settings altogether. Or simply close the Settings app.

Move blocked emails to the trash on Mac

To change this setting in Mail on Mac, you’ll head straight to the Mail app and then do the following.

1) Click Mail > Preferences from the menu bar.

2) Select the Junk Mail tab.

3) Turn on the toggle for Enable blocked email filtering if it’s not already.

4) Mark the option for Move it to the trash.

Move Blocked Mail to the Trash on Mac

You can then close the Mail Preferences window if you’re finished.

Wrapping it up

Blocking a sender assumes that you won’t receive emails from them anymore; because they are “blocked.” But that’s not the case in Mail. So if you truly don’t want emails from people you block to show up in your inbox at all, moving them straight to the trash is the way to go.

What are your thoughts on how Mail handles blocked senders? Let us know what improvements you think Apple could make to this feature in the Mail app.