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Apple Mail in iOS has a trio of features making the app more useful than ever: document attachments, intelligent searching with Proactive and enhanced multitasking features on the iPad.

Aside from these headline enhancements, Mail in iOS includes a couple nice-to-haves, among them an easily overlooked feature to quickly delete all your emails in an inbox with just a few taps. This can save you a lot of time and help tame your inbox.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to trash all your messages in Mail in one go.

How to trash all emails in iPhone or iPad Mail app

Step 1: Launch Mail on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Step 2: In the inbox list, tap on an inbox you’d like to wipe clean. In my example, I’m going to select my iDownloadBlog work account. I’m overwhelmed with these emails on a daily basis and have decided I want to see them vanished.

iOS 9 Mail Trash All iPhone screenshot 001

Step 3: Hit the Edit button.

Step 4: Three buttons should now appear alongside the bottom: Mark All, Move All and Trash All. Select Trash All to continue.

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Tip: Depending on your iOS email settings, you may instead see a button labeled Archive All, but more on that further below.

Step 5: You shall now be presented with a warning asking you to confirm that you really wish to delete all the messages in that particular inbox.

iOS 9 Mail Trash All iPhone screenshot 002

Step 6: Tap Delete All to confirm.

That’s it, you’ve now reached inbox zero!

Does this trash all messages in my email account?

No, just your inbox messages. If some of your emails are sorted in folders, you’ll have to select each folder in Mail to remove messages within it.

Where did my messages go?

Deleting one or more messages by default moves them to the Trash or Archive folder on the server, depending on your choice in Settings → Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

To choose where trashed emails are archived or moved to a special mailbox on the server, tap on your email account name in Settings → Mail, Contacts, Calendars and then Account to access options. Now hit Advanced at the bottom and choose Deleted Mailbox or Archive Mailbox under the heading “Move discarded messages into”.

iOS 9 Mail Trash All iPhone screenshot 004

By default, trashed messages go into a dedicated server folder named Trash, Deleted Messages or some such. Archived emails are typically saved inside a folder titled All Mail, Archive or similar, depending on your email provider.

To select a custom folder (on your device or email server) for trashed and archived emails, make your choices under the Mailbox Behaviors heading on this screen.

iOS 9 Mail Trash All iPhone screenshot 009

Can I get my trashed emails back?

Depending on your email provider and device settings, you should be able to undelete trashed emails. Start by selecting your email account under the Accounts heading in Mail, then tap on your deleted messages folder, such as Trash.

iOS 9 Mail Trash All iPhone screenshot 006

Now hit Edit, select the messages you wish to recover, tap on Move and choose the inbox where you’d like to moved them to. For some email services, such as iCloud, iOS’s Settings app lets you choose a period of time after which trashed emails get wiped from the server for good.

Can I move all messages in one go?

Yes. After tapping Edit, just choose Move All instead of Trash All.

iOS 9 Mail Trash All iPhone screenshot 007

Can I delete all messages permanently?

As mentioned, trashed emails are moved into a special server folder before they’re permanently wiped after a preset period of time (the default is usually 30 days).

iOS 9 Mail Trash All iPhone screenshot 008

If you open your trash folder in Mail, you can select any previously deleted email and tap on Delete to immediately remove it from both the folder and the email server, permanently.

Can I mark all messages as read?

Sure you can. Go to your inbox, tap Edit and choose Mark All. You’ll be given options to flag the selected emails or mark them as read.

Hopefully you’ve learned a few new tricks to help you master your emails and bring order to your inbox, using Mail in iOS 9.

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